Kundali Bhagya 27th November 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn’s revelation about Ramona shocks Preeta

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Episode begins with Kareena tells Sristy and Janki to leave the house and says she will make sure that Sarla gets punishment for her crime. Sristy tells Karan that her mother is innocent and leaves from there. Janki follows her. Dadi gets unwell. Rakhi and Kareena holds her. Sherlyn says she is so happy today and it happened because of Mahira.

 Mahira locks the door from inside and says Preeta is her enemy also so she need not to thank her. Sherlyn says today she took revenge on Sarla because she slapped her once and says now they are soul sisters because she didn’t expected that Mahira also smart like her. Mahira says if she doesn’t get Karan then she will destroy Luthra’s and she has plan for it but won’t tell that to her because she doesn’t want to use that that’s why right now she is doing emotional drama to get him.

Karan and Rishab tells Dadi to not take stress. Kareena tells Rishab to support his wife instead of taking stand for Sarla. He says he also feels alone but he knows that Sarla can’t do anything like this. Dadi and Rakhi thinks Sherlyn is right this time. Karan says laddu may have poison but they has to find out who mixed the poison. He says Preeta is not well and Sarla won’t give poison to her daughter even if she wanted to harm Sherlyn also.

Rakhi says Sarla can’t do anything deliberately so it’s possible that by mistake she would have mixed something wrong in those laddus. Dadi tells Rakhi to not force her opinion to others and tells her to start the ritual. Kareena says Police investigating so they will find out the truth. Rakhi says they has to wait for Preeta to start the ritual. Dadi says they can’t wait for Preeta because she didn’t respect the ritual and relations. Rakhi tells her to think once again. But Dadi says her decision is final.

Sristy tries to stop auto and gets worried for Sarla. She says someone trapped her mother deliberately by mixing poison in those laddus. She suspects Sherlyn and Mahira and says Preeta lost her confidence. Janki says she is Sarla’s daughter and also daughter in law of Luthra’s so it’s really difficult situation for her. She says it’s her Karwa chauth and she had to stay with her husband today but now she went to meet her mother. She says to perform her rituals she will come back here. Sristy asks then what will happen to Sarla and asks won’t Preeta help Sarla in this matter.

Preeta comes there. Sristy asks where she went. Janki tells Preeta to take rest and perform her rituals. Sristy and Janki was about to leave from there and Sristy expresses her worry about Sarla to Janki.  Janki tells her to believe God.

 Preeta sees them and cries. She recalls how Sarla told her to complete her fasting. She goes to Sherlyn and Mahira and tells them to laugh at her sorrow. She says she knows what Sherlyn did, why she did and also how she did. Mahira tried to interfere but Preeta stops her and says Sherlyn purposely trapped Sarla because she hates her and asks why she is doing this.

 Sherlyn says Preeta is not her enemy. Preeta says she is not believing her act and tells her to not harm and drag Sarla in their fight. She says Sarla told her to give those laddus to Sherlyn also because she is pregnant even though she knows her truth and doesn’t likes her still she cared about her child.

Sherlyn reveals that Ramona also part of their plan. She tells Preeta that court needs proof which she doesn’t have. Preeta asks how can Sherlyn play with her child’s life for revenge. 

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahira tells Preeta to break her fasting.

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