Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2021 Written Update: Prithvi fails to kill Sandeep

Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Preeta thanks Rakhi for controlling her anger. Rakhi tells her that she was literally killing Prithvi in her imagination. Preeta asks her to just ignore him for a day. Sameer tells them that they are really strong woman. On the other hand, Prithvi tells himself that he tried his best to know about Preeta’s plan but he failed. And he is damn sure that she is upto something because her behaviour was like that only. He asks Sherlyn that what Preeta planning to do because everyone behaving weird. She tells him that she don’t know anything and leaves from there. He wonders that now what happened to her.

Preeta tells Rakhi that now Prithvi must be thinking about the weakness of this case. Sameer tells them that Sandeep is their trump card. Preeta tells them that Prithvi should not know that Sandeep planning to give statement against him in the court. Meanwhile Prithvi enters Sandeep’s hospital room and thinks that Sandeep is his weakness and only Sandeep can expose him so he should do something. He takes the pillow and tries to kill him. Sandeep wakes up and asks him that what the latter doing at this time in the hospital.

Prithvi tells him that he came to factory to give money and asks to trust him. Sandeep tells him that he won’t betray him because the latter will give money to him. Then he asks him about money. Prithvi tells him that he didn’t bring now. Sandeep asks him to give it to Sudeepa tomorrow in the court. Prithvi tells him that for few minutes he underestimated the power of money and keeps the pillow beside him and leaves the room.

Preeta notices Karan’s missed call and calls him back. She is about to tell him about Prithvi but he disconnects the call saying that he is busy. He follows the Lawyer’s assistant. Later, Sandeep calls Preeta and informs her about Prithvi’s arrival. He asks her that will she save him from Prithvi. She tells him that she will keep her promise by protecting him from Prithvi and disconnects the call. He tells himself that he wants freedom instead of money so he will support Luthra’s in the court.

Next day, Preeta tells Pihu that today the latter can meet Rishabh. Rakhi wakes Mahesh up and asks him to get ready because today Rishabh returning from jail. She and Preeta discuss about Rishabh’s release. Prithvi sees them and wonders that what’s happening in this house. He asks Kritika that what evidence they have to prove Rishabh’s innocence.

She tells him that she has no idea about it but she is excited about Rishabh’s release. Kareena and Rakhi makes Rishabh’s favorite dessert. Sherlyn thinks that she is not understanding that she should be happy with Rishabh’s release or not. Everyone reaches the court. Police brings Rishabh there. Rakhi murmurs to Rishabh that today Sandeep will give statement in his favor.

Sherlyn smiles seeing Rishabh and Prithvi notices that. Sandeep’s Lawyer smiles at Prithvi which pisses off the latter. Preeta tells something to Rishabh’s Lawyer. Prithvi notices that and thinks that this suspense killing him. Court hearing begins. Rishabh’s Lawyer tells Judge that he got new information about this case which shocks Prithvi.

Episode ends.

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