Kundali Bhagya 28th August 2020 Written Update: Prithvi informs Sarla about Karan and Preeta’s wedding

Kundali Bhagya 28th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Preeta calls Sristy and was about to go from there but Mahira doesn’t let her go from there. She asks Mahira to leave her hand saying she has to go to Sarla. Mahira asks her to shout more still no one will come to help her. Preeta pleads her to leave her hand and cries. Mahira asks her to cry more by looking at her face and says for whatever she did with her she deserves to cry lifelong. Karan says Rishab would have been shocked and finally, everyone gets to know the real face of Preeta. Rishab says he still feels they did wrong with Preeta.

Karan says she betrayed him and his family, she is not innocent like Rishab thinks instead she is so cunning. He says he too married her by hiding his face but he had a reason for that, she did Mahesh’s accident but what reason she had to marry him like this. Rishab says he can understand what Karan feels but how can he say Preeta is wrong what if in future he thinks she was right. Dadi comes there and says she told security to not allow Preeta inside Luthra’s house. Karan says Dadi too understood Preeta and asks Rishab to accept it and leaves from there. Dadi says Rakhi and Rishab always finds good thing in evil people and it’s not his fault because he is like his mother.

Mahira says Preeta should thank her because in Luthra’s house no one wants to talk with her but she is talking with her and stopping her. She says Preeta’s marriage is not marriage it’s just a game, now her marriage will happen with Karan and she will become Mrs. Karan Luthra. She asks her to throw the nuptial chain after reaching her house because there is no meaning for that. She warns her to not come near Luthra’s house too in future otherwise she will kick her out again and Luthra will support her like always. She asks her to leave the city saying what if something happens to her like an accident.

Sarla waits for Preeta and shocks seeing Prithvi in her house. He informs her about Karan and Preeta’s marriage.  Mahira asks Preeta to leave the city with her family because everyone’s life is in danger now. Prithvi says he also shocked like her when he got to know that Preeta married Karan. Sarla says that’s not possible, he would have misunderstood.

Prithvi says he didn’t misunderstand anything it’s confirm that Preeta and Karan’s marriage happened again. Janki calls someone to confirm it. Prithvi asks her to believe him. Sarla says she doesn’t believe him, she just trusts Preeta and her daughter won’t do anything like this. Prithvi says if Sarla won’t believe him then okay and asks her to believe Janki. Janki says he is telling the truth.

Prithvi says Preeta’s marriage happened with Karan again with all the rituals but luthra’s didn’t accepted her because they still hate her. He says Preeta married Karan the same way he married her last time and luthra’s throw her out of the house again by insulting her. He says Preeta wanted to become Karan’s wife but luthra’s never wanted her as their daughter in law. He says he knows and understands her family but society will think Preeta is mad even if they denies who will believe them.

Prithvi says everything started when Karan married Preeta by betraying everyone but he left her after marriage and society blamed Preeta for that. He says now also people will blame Preeta only but he will accept Preeta. Sarla slaps him. Sherlyn says Preeta is smart enough to marry Karan Luthra but he is not happy now and so Preeta.

She says Preeta knows everything about her more than anyone still she can’t do anything. She says she is feeling so bad seeing her like this. She says Rishab’s kidnapper is her boyfriend, she confessed now because she knows that Preeta can’t do anything. Mahira pushes Preeta. Sristy comes there and holds Preeta. Sherlyn mocks Preeta. Preeta leaves from there with Sristy.

Episode ends.