Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2020 Written Update: Preeta feels helpless seeing live telecast

Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with ﹰKaran says he is feeling strange also doesn’t remember anything. Mahira tells him to leave her hand but he says she is holding his hand so she should leave. She says he is drunk that’s why he is feeling like that and says he came here with ﹰPreeta to enjoy his honeymoon and tells him to leave her hand and she falls on him.

He asks what is she doing. She says she would like to entertain him if he wants then and thinks now everyone will think he wanted to spend time with her seeing the recording. Sristy asks Preeta that how is that possible when she herself saw Mahira drinking the spiked drink given by Sameer. Sherlyn comes there and says seems like Arora sisters woke up already and Sristy thinks she is smart but she is not. She says she already saw her and Sameer so she flopped their plan by exchanging Mahira’s drink. She says now Mahira is with Karan in his room which shocks Sristy and Preeta.

She says tonight Mahira going to spend night with Karan in his room and thanks Sristy for packing that sexy night dress. Preeta says that won’t happen because she knows Karan and she believes that he won’t do anything wrong. Sherlyn says she expected this only from her and says she can even show what’s happening there. Sristy yells at her. Sherlyn says she is really excited to show that live telecast to her and says she is recording this live telecast to show Luthra’s and Arora’s because they should know that what happened between Mahira and Karan.

Sristy tells Preeta to ignore her and says she already told her that they were planning to spike Karan’s drink so she should not see that live telecast. Sherlyn says enough of talks now it’s time to see live telecast and leaves from there after giving the ipad to Preeta. Preeta sees that Mahira giving some pills to Karan and informs that to Sristy. Sristy shouts for help. Karan doesn’t feel well and is in dizzy mode. Mahira plays music and starts to dance around him. Preeta cries saying she is not infront Karan and tells him to move away from Mahira because she is manipulating him.

Karan sees Preeta infront of him and dances with Mahira ( Sajna song plays in the background). Mahira hugs him and was about to kiss him but Karan pushes her realising it’s Mahira. Mahira drags him with her and makes him fall on bed. Preeta shouts for help. Rakhi serves tea to Dadi, Kareena and says she is missing Preeta and Karan so much today. Kareena says they will return in few days. Dadi asks about Sherlyn and Mahira.

Kareena says Sherlyn is not well so Mahira taking care of her. Rakhi says yesterday Kareena said that Mahira is not well so Sherlyn taking care of her. Kareena says yesterday Mahira was not well and today Sherlyn is not well. She says she sent Sherlyn, Mahira to manali because Doctor suggested her to send Sherlyn to any hill station that’s why which shocks Rakhi. Rakhi notices Mahira and Sherlyn’s missed calls in her mobile and gets worried for them.

Episode ends.