Kundali Bhagya 28th January 2020 Written Update: Preeta’s strong belief on Karan broken

Episode begins with Rishab says Sherlyn already knew how much Preeta matters for him and his family still she gave complaint against Preeta. Sherlyn says she knew he will be angry on her and says Preeta did crime if not she then anyone else would have gave complaint against Preeta. Rishab shouts at her and says he won’t hear anything against Preeta. She says how can he believe Preeta more than her. He says he will trust Preeta forever. He warns her to not do anymore stupidity again like this and if she did then it can affect their marriage. She says even Karan is not believing Preeta this much and asks why he is believing Preeta to this extend? He says Preeta is this house daughter in law that’s why and says if his father was fine then he would have done the same. He says Karan too trusts Preeta like him but just their way of expressing is different that’s it.

Karan asks Preeta why she is doing all these for him? She says he should not think she is doing because he is her husband. He asks then why she cares for him? She says she cares for everyone and it’s her nature. He says she is lieing and asks why he is not angry on her? She says him to ask this question to himself and he will get his answer definitely. Janki comes there and asks them to come outside. Sherlyn talks with herself that her plan is solid this time that now no one will believe Preeta and gets happy thinking Preeta’s life gonna be hell from now. She can go any extend to get rid of Preeta from her life. Mahira comes to Karan’s room and adores his pictures. She recalls their moments and engagement. She says she is missing him so much.

Preeta praises the cake. Janki says Preeta should cut the cake because it’s to celebrate her release. Preeta suggests everyone together can cut the cake. Sarla says to join Karan too. Before they cuts Karan gets call from Mahira, she asks where is he? Karan stays silent that time police comes to Preeta’s house and says they are here to arrest Preeta. Mahira listens that and gets angry knowing Karan is with Preeta. Sherlyn comes there and asks what happened. Mahira says about Karan.

Sristy says Preeta already got bail then why they came to arrest her now. Police says there is two new complaints against Preeta like cheating and half murder. Preeta says she did nothing and denies to go with them. But constable arrests her. Police says they have proof too so no one can save Preeta. Sarla and Preeta sees Karan with hope but he stands silent. Police takes Preeta with them.Karan leaves from there and he recalls Preeta’s arrest and Mahira’s blame. He even recalls how Preeta saved everyone at mehandi day.

Mahira says Karan can’t do this with her and he should spend time with her not with Preeta. She tries to call Karan angrily but Sherlyn stops her and asks how Mahira know that now Karan is with Preeta. Mahira explains everything she heard. Sherlyn happily says police arresting Preeta and their plan become successful. And assures Mahira that at end Karan will come to Mahira only and will love her. Mahira gets happy hearing this and thinks now Karan is just hers forever.

Sarla and Janki was waiting for auto. Sristy comes and says strike happening so they decides ask lift. That time Karan comes there in his car Sarla denies to take his help but Sristy convinces her and everyone leaves for police station in his car. Preeta sees her family and Karan came to meet her. Sarla meets Preeta and says she trusts Preeta even though others doesn’t trust Preeta. Preeta asks Karan believed her or not? Sarla says they doesn’t need anyone’s help. Preeta sees Karan with hurt.

Episode ends.