Kundali Bhagya 29th December 2020 Written Update: Karan decides to marry Mahira

Kundali Bhagya 29th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Karan, Mahira reaches Luthra house. Rakhi asks him about Preeta but he stays silent so she asks him that why he is not saying anything about Preeta then asks Mahira about Preeta. Kareena asks Mahira that what happened. Dadi asks them that why they are not saying anything. Karan says Preeta is in hostel now.

Rakhi gets confused hearing him. He tells her that how few goons were teasing Mahira and how he saved her and also what happened between Mahira and him. Rakhi and Dadi shocks hearing him but Kareena smiles. Preeta comes there. Karan apologize to her. Preeta says she knows everything so he need not to say sorry because it was not his mistake. Sameer, Sristy also comea there.

Karan says he was drunk and he don’t know how it all happened but it’s his mistake only. He says he gave Preeta’s rights to Mahira so they just has one option in front of them and tells Preeta to go to Arora house because he has to marry Mahira. Preeta tells him to not think that he did something wrong. Mahira says now Preeta will blame her saying she is the one who spiked Karan’s drink. Preeta says Mahira , Sherlyn together planned everything because they wanted to break her relationship with Karan.

Mahira says she and Sherlyn did nothing and Karan is responsible for everything. She says she is in Karan’s heart that’s why it happened and also she called Luthra’s but they didn’t answer the calls. Sherlyn says Mahira tried to stop Karan so it’s not her mistake also she was supposed to marry him. Preeta says it’s Mahira who pushed Mahesh from staircase and tells Karan to not feel guilty for anything because it’s Mahira’s mistake. Mahira tells Preeta to leave the house. Preeta says it’s her husband’s house so she won’t go anywhere and if anyone has to leave the house then it’s Mahira.

Mahira says she won’t leave and says she wants her rights and asks Karan to give her rights. Karan says he has to marry Mahira and everything turns out to be Sherlyn’s dream. Sherlyn says Karan will say in front of everyone that he will marry Mahira and she is excited to hear that from him. Preeta tells Sristy that they has to stop Karan somehow. Sristy asks what can they do. Preeta says this tablet has internet connection so they can contact anyone. Mahira tells Karan that he hurted her by rejecting her and was about to get close to him but someone knocks the door. She opens the door and shocks seeing Police there.

Police inspector tries to wake Karan and confirms from hotel manager that it was not Mahira who came with Karan. She orders the Constable to arrest Mahira because she tried to take advantage of Karan by drugging him and she is not Preeta who is his wife. Mahira shocks hearing her and says Karan is her husband and tries to wake Karan. Police takes Mahira from there and media covers that incident. Mahira gets angry and attacks the Reporters. From Police station Mahira calls everyone but no one attends the call. Preeta attends Sherlyn’s mobile and leaves for Police station with Sristy.

Episode ends.

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