Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2020 Written Update: Preeta gets relived seeing Karan’s belief on her

Episode begins with Sarla says if Karan thinks Preeta is innocent then he can meet her otherwise not. In luthra house, Rakhi does preparations for Ramona’s birthday party and Sherlyn helps her.

Mahira says to Sherlyn she cares for the ones who supports her and goes to Kareena. She gives juice to Kareena and asks her to give that to Rakhi to decrease their misunderstandings. Kareena praises Mahira and blesses her. Rishab sees all and thinks he is not able to believe Mahira and thinks why she didn’t tell everyone that Preeta didn’t pushed her.

Kareena goes to Rakhi and gives the juice to her and reconcile with her. Rishab gets happy seeing this and thinks Mahira is mature girl but doesn’t understands why she is against Preeta. Mahira asks why Sherlyn keep staring Rishab.

Sherlyn says she is trying to understand why he always believes Preeta and her family. Mahira asks how he will react after knowing Sherlyn submitted the proof against Preeta. Sherlyn says he will shout at her and can’t do anything else. She says she likes to see him in angry, it suits him lot.

Karan goes to police officer and says he wants to see the video which submitted against Preeta but police officer denies to show him. He asks who submitted the video. Police officer takes Sherlyn name. Everyone shocks hearing that. Police officer says that video proves Preeta deliberately pushed Mahira.

Karan tries to go towards Preeta but Sarla stops him. He says no one can stop him if he decides to meet Preeta then. He says Preeta keep looking at him from long time and he will meet her for sure and goes to Preeta. He asks why she is looking upset? She asks what he is thinking about these blames. He says she should not give this much importance to anyone in her life and he promises to bring her out not with bail but after proving her innocence. She asks why he is doing this for her? He says he won’t tell because he is her husband and says she came to treat Dadi just by one call that’s why doing this for her. They emotionally stares each other.

Sarla requests police officer to tell if there is any way to release Preeta. Police officer suggests her one lawyer and says he charges lot but only he can help them in this case. Karan comes out of police station and calls Rishab. Sherlyn says to Mahira this house is so peaceful now but soon storm will come. Sherlyn gets call from Karan and asks him to reach home.

Kareena introduce Mahira to their guests. Mahira says Preeta spoiled all her sweet memories to Kareena. Dadi asks why Sherlyn making weird faces and praises her for what she did for Mahira. Sherlyn says everyone thinks her as good person except Rishab and Karan.

Sarla and Sristy meets the lawyer Mr. Sharma and tells about Preeta’s case. He agrees to take their case and assures them that they will win this case. Karan comes to his house and thinks he can’t trust Sherlyn and believes she would have done something wrong definitely.

Episode ends.