Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2020 Written Update: Janki gets to know the truth of Karan

Kundali Bhagya 2nd April 2020 Written Update

Episode begins with Sristy says marriage is big thing in life so Preeta should talk with Prithvi once. She asks Preeta to clear the things before marriage.

Preeta says she will talk with Prithvi. Sherlyn thinks why Prithvi went inside and thinks how to talk with him. Sarla thanks Prithvi’s mother for supporting Preeta in this difficult situation. Prithvi’s mother says she knows Sherlyn is not good person and Preeta is so good. Sarla says Sherlyn hates Preeta that’s why doing all this. Prithvi’s mother drags Sherlyn with her and asks what Sherlyn doing ? Sherlyn says she just came to stop the marriage like she told earlier. She says she will withdraw the complaint if Prithvi’s mother listened her condition. She says she is ready to sacrifice and asks Prithvi’s mother to apologize to her.

Prithvi’s mother says sorry to Sherlyn and asks Sherlyn to withdraw the complaint. Sherlyn says still Prithvi’s mother didn’t understand her and says she loves Prithvi lot and will stop the marriage for sure. Prithvi’s mother scolds Sherlyn. Sherlyn acts like Prithvi’s mother beated her and shouts for help. She asks police to arrest Prithvi’s mother. Prithvi’s mother says she did nothing, Sarla says she believes her. Polices warns Prithvi’s mother. Prithvi’s mother tells everything to Sarla and Janki. Sarla asks Prithvi’s mother to stay calm and apologize to her for Sherlyn’s behavior. Prithvi’s mother thinks she can’t tell the truth of Sherlyn and Prithvi to anyone. Sherlyn tells to Karan that she will stop the marriage. Karan thinks no one can stop the marriage now.

Preeta meets Karan and says she wants to ask something. She asks why he was silent when Police accused her? She asks did he know Sherlyn trying to stop the marriage? She says she thinks Sherlyn likes Prithvi that’s why trying to stop the marriage. Karan thinks finally Preeta realized but when he told her, she didn’t believed him. She asks him to tell the truth? She says did he have any connection with Sherlyn? She asks him to answer her questions and she will believe him.

Janki comes there and scolds Karan for betraying Preeta. Janki gets to know that Karan is behind the veil and thinks Karan is good for Preeta not Prithvi. She thinks Preeta is so innocent and will marry Prithvi only for Sarla but Karan is good choice for Preeta so decides to stay silent.

Preeta says she asked everything she wanted to but Prithvi is not saying anything. She says whatever she thinks is right that’s why Prithvi is silent. Karan thinks now Preeta will stop the marriage. Janki says Priest told to not speak anything till marriage completes and Prithvi wants to marry Preeta that’s why he is silent so he is so good. Janki asks Karan to nod if he is agreeing with her. Karan nods at her. Janki says everyone wants this marriage to happen. Sarla asks Karan to go to marriage hall till Police completes the search in house. Janki thinks if she tells the truth about Karan then Preeta will stop the marriage definitely and decides to tell the truth to Sristy.

Rishab asks did Nurse gave the medicines to Mahesh? Nurse says Kareena told Sherlyn will give the medicines to Mahesh but she didn’t saw Sherlyn and medicines too. Rishab calls Sherlyn but she doesn’t attends his call. Everyone talks bad about Preeta. Sristy scolds them and thinks everything happening because of Karan, first Karan insulted Preeta now everyone doing same.

Rishab thinks why Sherlyn not attending his calls. Janki thinks Sherlyn knows about Karan truth or not. She asks why Sherlyn wants to stop the marriage. Sherlyn says she came to stop Prithvi’s marriage. Janki gets to know that Sherlyn doesn’t know that Karan is behind the veil instead of Prithvi.

Karan thinks what is in Prithvi that Preeta wants to marry Prithvi. Sammy says Rakhi is not in home. Karan says he knows Preeta didn’t stoled the necklace but he wants proof to prove her innocence then only he can marry her. He thinks he hates Preeta lot and to took revenge he will marry her for sure. Sristy gets worried thinking Preeta gonna marry Prithvi. Janki was about to tell the truth to Sristy but Sristy interrupts her and keep blaming Karan for Preeta’s situation. Sristy says she wanted Preeta’s marriage to happen with Karan but not anymore. She says Prithvi is better choice for Preeta. She says Preeta did many things for luthra’s but now no one is here for Preeta.

Janki decides to not tell the truth to Sristy seeing her anger. Karan says he lost against Sherlyn because of Preeta and says no one can save Preeta from him now. Sammy was about to search the necklace in Sherlyn’s room but hearing Rishab’s voice he hides there. Rishab goes inside washroom and Sammy starts to search and finds the necklace there. Sammy gets to know about Sherlyn’s lie. Police says they didn’t get the necklace anywhere. Sarla says then they will start the marriage rituals now.

Episode ends.