Kundali Bhagya 2nd January 2020 Written Update: Preeta says she won’t avoid Karan

Episode begins with Karan asking Preeta why they can’t stay close with each other. Preeta replies just like that and goes from there. Prithvi says Rishab is here for Preeta. Rishab gets angry and taunts him saying not everyone is like Prithvi. Sherlyn comes there and says Rishab’s mother calling him but she doesn’t see Prithvi who is standing with Rishab. Prithvi shocks listening Sherlyn’s voice. Rishab says if Prithvi came here to help Preeta then he should do just that nothing else.

Prithvi comes to know Karan’s mehandi function happening here with Mahira from one of the guest. First he gets shocks later becomes happy knowing Karan gonna marry Mahira then Preeta is just his and he thanks god for that.

Few goons standing outside kundali bhagya hall and noticing all guests and their jewels and also planning to stole them.

Mahira recalls Preeta’s words. Mahira’s mother comes there and praises Mahira’s mehandi and says it will be so dark in color. Dadi says mehandi darkness will say how Karan loves her. Sherlyn says they will know that soon. Kareena asks Sristy to help Mahira to remove mehandi in bride’s room. Sherlyn too goes with them. Mahira gets nervous thinking Sristy may do something bad with her but Sherlyn assures her saying she will be with Mahira so she need not to worry.

Mahira’s mother says arora sisters are so dangerous then asks why Kareena sent Mahira with Sristy. Kareena says it’s necessary for Sristy to accept the reality that Karan and Mahira getting married and Karan can’t be Preeta’s. She also says arora sisters are just their servants nothing more or else.

Preeta reaches her home and Karan follows her and he asks why she is running away from him. She denies that and says she doesn’t wants to talk to him because he doesn’t understand anything . Karan says to Preeta her hand have his name’s mehandi but doesn’t mean she should think there is any love or relation is there between them. He also says he is just a client for her.

Preeta says she doesn’t able to understand him and says she doesn’t wanna believe his words too. She says he is doing this function here just to hurt her. For that he says if he is nothing to her then how can he hurt her.They keep staring each other emotionally. She says from now she won’t run away from him and will be with him the way he wanted. She holds his hand and walks towards Kundali bhagya hall.

Sristy, mahira and sherlyn reaches bride’s room. Sristy goes to bring oil. Sherlyn wonders why Sristy is happy. Mahira says whatever happened on terrace. Sherlyn says Mahira should not be afraid of arora sisters. Sristy comes with oil. Sristy and Sherlyn fights with each other and Sristy was about to talk about Sherlyn child but sherlyn stops Sristy and goes from there.

Sristy teasingly asks Mahira that she is from bride’s side or groom’s side. Dadi and Karan’s mother reaches there. Dadi praises about Karan and Mahira Jodi. Sristy asks about Karan and Preeta Jodi to dadi. For that dadi replies Prithvi is there for Preeta. Sristy asks isn’t Preeta her daughter in law? All gets shocks.

Prithvi searches Preeta. Prithvi asks Mahira’s mother about Preeta but she says she doesn’t know where is Preeta and shows Sherlyn saying she can help him. He gets shocks seeing Sherlyn.

Episode ends.