Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Preeta explains her plan to Rakhi

Kundali Bhagya 2nd June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Shaurya and Rajveer enters the Luthra house. Nidhi hugs Shaurya. Preeta says that everyone is happy with Shaurya and Rajveer’s return. She hugs Shaurya and Rajveer. Then Karan hugs Shaurya tells Rajveer. Dadi says that she is happy her Ram and Lakshman returned home. Everyone hugs Shaurya and Rajveer. Rakhi tells Shaurya and Rajveer that she prayed to God a lot because she was scared. She says that Preeta had hope. She hugs them.

Anshuman comes there with his lawyer. Karan tells Shaurya and Rajveer to go and change. Shaurya asks Karan that why the latter arranged this party. Karan tells Shaurya that they will talk about it later. Sandy comes there and hugs Shaurya. He says that he is glad Shaurya returned. Preeta tells Rajveer that his outfit is in the guest room. Shaurya and Rajveer goes inside.

Anshuman says that Shaurya and Rajveer got bail because of him but they did not meet him. Shanaya asks him that who is he. Palki tells Shanaya that because of Anshuman only Shaurya and Rajveer got arrested. Kritika tells Shanaya that Anshuman blackmailed them. Mahesh asks Anshuman to ignore all this. Anshuman tells media reporters to take his photo with Karan because they are going to become business partner.

Shaurya and Rajveer’s comes downstairs. Anshuman goes and stands in between Shaurya and Rajveer. He asks media reporters to click their photo. Media reporter asks why Luthras collaborated with Anshuman suddenly. Anshuman tells them that they will get answers soon.

Rajveer asks Karan that why the latter put everyone future in danger. Shaurya says that he can’t believe it’s happening. Karan asks them to trust him. Palki comes there with flower bucket. She collides with one lady and flowers falls on her. Shaurya and Rajveer stares Palki. Preeta goes to Palki and she compliments Palki. Rakhi says that Palki is looking like an angel. Karan takes Rajveer inside to talk to the latter.

Nidhi goes inside. Shaurya goes to her and asks her that what happened. She tells him that she lost her position in Luthra house. She says that someone is trying to snatch her position from her. He asks her that who is doing that. She tells him to find out by himself. Aarohi says that Shaurya is Nidhi’s biggest support. She asks Shaurya to take a stand for Nidhi. Shaurya tells Nidhi that he will solve all of her problems and leaves from there. Nidhi tells Aarohi that they should keep Shaurya on their side.

Rajveer asks Palki that whether she want to tell him something. Palki tells him that she just want to stare him. She holds his hands ( Sukoon mila song plays in the background ). She hugs him. Shanaya sees them and leaves from there.

Rakhi asks Preeta that what’s the plan. Preeta tells Rakhi that their plan will work. Rakhi says that she know everything will be fine when Preeta is with Luthras. Preeta says that they need Shaurya and Rajveer’s help to execute the plan.

Episode ends.

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