Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2021 Written Update: Preeta attempts to save Sandeep from Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Preeta tells Srishti that she really feels that Sherlyn changed and she didn’t wanted Prithvi to use Sherlyn again that’s why she send her to Sanjana’s home. She informs her that she saw Sherlyn talking to Rishabh’s picture so she feels that Sherlyn started to value her relationship with him so they should give one chance to her because Rishabh loves Sherlyn. Srishti agrees with her and goes to charge her mobile. Karan calls Preeta and apologizes to her for not being with her. She tells him that she misses him so much. He tells her that he misses her too. She tells him that things are getting difficult. He asks her to cheer up and call gets disconnected because of network.

On the other hand, Sudeepa leaves Sandeep’s room. Shilpa enters the room and asks wardboy to not allow any one to enter this room because Sandeep’s life in danger. Prithvi enters the hospital. Sudeepa calls Preeta and informs her that she is in hospital and also about Prithvi’s call. She tells her that she thinks that Prithvi heard auto driver when he talked about city hospital. Preeta goes to Kritika’s room and learns that Prithvi is not in home. She calls Shilpa and warns her about Prithvi and tells her that she will send his picture to her. Prithvi sees Sudeepa and hides there before she sees him.

Preeta calls Sudeepa and asks her to stay with Sandeep today because she feels that Prithvi is in hospital and she will reach there soon. Prithvi asks Shilpa about Sandeep’s room number. Shilpa receives Prithvi’s picture from Preeta and gets shocks seeing him. He also notices that. She tells him that Sandeep’s room number is 202. He drags her from there and makes her unconscious.

Later, Preeta reaches the hospital. Sudeepa sees Prithvi and tries to escape but he makes her unconscious too. He moves towards Sandeep’s room. Preeta finds Shilpa and splashes water on her face. Shilpa regains her consciousness and informs her that Prithvi is in hospital and he is planning to kill Sandeep with poison. Meanwhile, Prithvi finds medicine to kill Sandeep.

Preeta tells Shilpa that Prithvi would have hurted Sandeep already. Shilpa informs her that she shifted Sandeep to room number 302 after receiving her call. Preeta tells her that she can’t thank her enough and gives water to her and goes to Sandeep’s new room.

Prithvi finds no one in Sandeep’s old room and realises that Shilpa lied to him. He tells himself that today no one can save Sandeep from him. Preeta sees Prithvi and hides there. Then she enters Sandeep’s new room and asks him to wake up. She hides behind the bed seeing Prithvi there. Prithvi tells Sandeep that he is going to kill him and no one can save him. He takes the medicine from his pocket and searches syringe. Preeta exchanges Prithvi’s medicine when he was searching the syringe.

Episode ends.

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