Kundali Bhagya 30th January 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn tries to blackmail Rishab

Episode begins with Rakhi tells Karan to get ready for party. Karan searches Sherlyn seeing that Mahira says Sherlyn is not here she is in her room. Rakhi says he can talk with Sherlyn later but getting ready is important for him. Mahira thinks what’s Karan planning to do and he didn’t even informed her that he went to Preeta’s house. She tells Sherlyn that Karan asked about her. Sherlyn wants to hide from him, because if he caught her then he will ask to show the video for sure and will send that to forensic lab to test the video is real or not. She tries to leave from there and collides with Rishab. She gets afraid when Dadi taps on her shoulder to call her. Rishab notices Sherlyn’s behavior and asks why she is nervous?

Krithika says to Sameer she knows that Sherlyn hates Preeta and happy for Preeta’s release. Karan says Police arrested Preeta again and tells them to not reveal it to anyone because Rakhi should not know about this. He feels Sherlyn playing game using Mahira and Preeta. Mahira suggests to play truth or dare game to make this party more enjoyable. Karan comes there and sees Sherlyn. Mahira thinks how to save Sherlyn from Karan. She deliberately pushes the waiter towards Sherlyn and food splashed on Sherlyn from his plate. Mahira asks Sherlyn to go to her room to wash her dress.

Preeta recalls Karan’s talks. She believes Sarla will bring her out from jail for sure. She talks to herself that Karan doesn’t believe her still when she wanted him to believe her and didn’t expected anything else from him. She feels he wants to bring her out from jail only because she treated Dadi. And she cries thinking about this.

Sherlyn goes inside washroom . Karan comes to her room to talk with her but sees the mobile. He tries to open but it asks password. Before he does anything Sherlyn comes out from washroom. Karan hides in her room before she sees him. He thinks he should not have hided instead should talk with her face to face. She hears some sound in her room and thinks Prithvi came to surprise her. Sarla tries to arrange money for lawyer fees.

Sherlyn goes outside hearing some sound. Karan leaves from her room using this chance. Sameer comes to him and says he only distracted Sherlyn so Karan can escape from Sherlyn’s room. Rishab comes there. Karan takes Rishab with him saying he wants to talk with him. Karan says Police arrested Preeta in front of him. Rishab asks what Karan was doing in Preeta’s house. Karan says he went to give the cheque for Dadi’s treatment fees with hesitation. Rishab says how he let Police arrest Preeta instead of stopping them. Karan says they had proof against Preeta and says Sherlyn only gave them that video proof. He asks him to bring Sherlyn’s mobile and says he feels Sherlyn manipulates Mahira too.

Rishab reaches his room and shouts at Sherlyn. She says she did all for luthra family only. He doesn’t understand what benefits happened by her action. She says Preeta tried to kill Mahira who is luthra’s future daughter in law and he should accept this. He asks her accept that she hates Preeta that’s why doing all these. He says talking with her waste and asks her mobile because he wants to see the video. She denies to give her mobile and starts to pack her dresses saying she is leaving this house because he doesn’t trusts her. He says she can’t blackmail him like this and she can go wherever she wants to. She says if not for her then for mobile he will definitely try to bring her back. He tells in dangerous voice that to prove Preeta’s innocence he don’t need her or her mobile.

Episode ends.