Kundali Bhagya 30th July 2020 Written Update: Karan’s decision worries Rishab

Kundali Bhagya 30th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sameer talks to himself that Sristy is not understanding his point. Rishab notices him and asks what happened why he is blabbering like this. Sameer first denies to tell him later agrees to tell after hearing Rishab’s emotional blackmail. He tells Rishab that Preeta decided to attend Karan’s wedding. Rishab shocks hearing him. Sameer says he tried to make Sristy understand that Preeta should not attend Karan’s wedding but she didn’t listen him. Rishab says it will be a problem for arora’s as well as for luthra’s. Karan enters his room and breaks his frames and all. He says he is ready to marry Mahira and Preeta should witness that. Sristy tells Preeta that she should tell her decision to Sarla. Preeta tells Sarla that she knows why Sarla stops her to attend Karan’s wedding because luthra’s keep hurting her and says Sarla wants to protect her from them. She says Sarla thinks Preeta’s heart is so weak that she can’t witness Karan’s wedding but that’s not true and says she believes herself that she can witness Karan marrying someone else. She says Karan thinks she doesn’t have the guts to attend his wedding so to prove him wrong she is going to attend his wedding. She says she have no issues in attending his wedding and her heart won’t break too, she can enjoy his wedding like any other normal person so she decided to attend his wedding. Sarla says Preeta can’t lie to her. Preeta says Karan blamed her always and tells whatever he told while giving the wedding invitation card. She says she tried to stop his wedding not because she wanted her rights in luthra family but Mahira was not a good girl.

Sarla says luthra’s just insulted Preeta always then why she wants to go to that house. Preeta says she wants to prove them that the Preeta they knows is no more now and the one they are going to see is new Preeta. Sarla says when she asked Preeta did she want to attend Karan’s wedding that time she denied to attend and now saying she wants to attend and it’s definitely because of Sristy. Preeta says it’s not because of Sristy but it’s her decision. Sarla asks her to not go because at end she will be hurt and it’s hurt her to see Preeta like that. She says she can’t see Preeta’s tears and cries. Preeta says she wants to prove herself that she is not weak and asks Sarla to let her go. Sristy asks Sarla to not worry and she will be with Preeta. Sarla says she knows everything happening because of Sristy only otherwise Preeta would not have changed her decision and says if Preeta wants to go then she can but she is not with her in this decision. Preeta asks Sristy to get ready.

Rishab knocks Karan’s room door. Karan asks from when he started to knock before entering his room. Rishab mockingly says he started to knock from the time Karan changed. Karan says it seems like Rishab changed not him and asks him to tell clearly what he wanted to tell. He says if he wants to talk about what Sameer told him about his dream then that’s wrong because he didn’t dream about Preeta. Rishab says he didn’t came to talk about that and says marriage happens only once in life and that already happened for Karan. Karan says that was not his marriage, he did that in his anger that’s it. Rishab says Karan doesn’t love Mahira he is marrying her just to show it to Preeta. Karan says Rishab is right and he knows what is right and what is wrong so asks Rishab to stop taking Preeta’s side. Rishab leaves from there. Sheryln overhears everything. On the other side, Prithvi celebrates for not getting caught by Preeta. He says his dream would have spoiled if Preeta caught him in hotel. Karan calls Sameer and asks him to handle his wedding preparations perfectly. Sheryln thinks Karan’s desperation says he badly wants to marry Mahira and gets happy.

Episode ends.