Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2020 Written Update: Preeta slaps Mahira

Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Sherlyn says court asks proof which Preeta doesn’t have to prove Sarla’s innocence. Mahira tells Preeta to not waste time to search proof against them because she won’t get anything, they already destroyed everything. Sherlyn says she won’t get anything from CCTV footage also because they are nor dumb to get caught by camera while mixing poison in laddus that’s why now they are confessing their crime to her bravely.

Mahira says they are confessing to hurt her more and she feels happy seeing her sorrow that’s why she sent Sarla to jail. Preeta slaps Mahira and looks at Sherlyn angrily. Constable informs Sarla that someone came to meet her. Sristy comes there and cries seeing Sarla. She says she knows that Sarla is uncomfortable there but she is hiding it from her to not give tension to her. She assures her that she will release her as soon as possible so she need not to worry.

Sarla smiles. Sristy asks why she is smiling in this situation. Sarla says always Sristy ends up in trouble and she comes to save her but this time it’s reverse. Janki comes there. Sarla scolds her for informing to Preeta about her arrest. Janki says she didn’t inform her and says when she went to Luthra house to scold Sherlyn, Preeta heard it. Sarla asks what’s the need to scold Sherlyn saying she knows today Preeta’s Karwa chauth and she is weak already and says she should not have went there. Janki says she acted without thinking anything but Preeta is strong enough to face this difficult situation.

Sarla says Sherlyn, Mahira troubling Preeta already that’s why she doesn’t want to tell their problems to her. She says Preeta is new bride, she has every rights to celebrate her Karwa chauth happily and tells them to not informs Preeta about their problems. Janki agrees with her saying she did mistake by going there and says she thinks that Preeta won’t leave Sherlyn , Mahira now. Preeta says Sherlyn had stone heart already but now staying with Mahira she become worse.

She asks Mahira that how can Ramona give these kind of idea to Sherlyn when she knows about her pregnancy. Mahira says her mother is master mind so she can think like that and advices her to break her fasting. Preeta says they did everything so she can break her fasting but that’s not gonna happen and says she kept this fasting for her husband so it’s obvious that she will complete it no matter what.

Ramona comes there and asks about Mahira and pooja. Rakhi says Preeta fainted so pooja delayed. Ramona asks for Preeta how can they postpone the pooja. Kareena says Sherlyn’s health condition also become worse. Dadi tells her everything. Ramona says it’s such a cheap act of Sarla. Sristy tells Sarla that if she gives permission to her then she will teach lesson to Sherlyn and Mahira. Sarla says no need of that.

Sristy informs her about forensic report and says Sherlyn won’t let her come out of the jail. Sarla asks how can Sherlyn put her child in danger knowingly. Mahira says she already spoiled Preeta’s fasting then why she is adamant. Preeta says it’s not her first Karwa chauth , last year too she kept fasting for Karan and he is the one who completed her fasting. Sherlyn, Mahira shocks hearing her. Girish calls them for pooja.

Preeta joins for pooja. Rakhi says she is happy seeing her here. Rishab takes Sherlyn from there to talk to her. He apologize to her saying she hided her pregnancy from him because of his behaviour towards her but the truth is he cares for everyone. He says Preeta is Karan’s wife and she knows how much he loves his brother and Sarla is mother for him so he can’t tolerate that she is in the jail because of them.

Episode ends.