Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2021 Written Update: Sherlyn informs Sonakshi about Vinod

Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sherlyn blames Preeta for Pihu’s kidnap. Mahesh asks her to calm down. She tells him that Pihu is like her daughter too. She tells Preeta that she won’t leave her if anything happens to Pihu then. She says to her that the latter was irresponsible always in Pihu’s matter. Dadi agrees with her. Kareena tells them that she already said that Preeta is not a good mother. Mahesh asks them that what happened to them.

He asks Sherlyn that why she is talking about all this in this situation. He reminds her that Preeta is Pihu’s mother and she is hurt already. Dadi and Kareena defends Sherlyn. Sherlyn thinks that she made them fight and decides to find out that what Sonakshi planning to do next. Preeta cries recalling the moments she shared with Pihu. Then she recalls Luthra’s harsh words.

Everyone gathers in the hall. Karan picks the call and Preeta asks kidnapper to leave Pihu. Sonakshi who is pretending like kidnapper tells Preeta that they wants money. She tells her that the latter made their job easy by coming late to pick her daughter up. Preeta asks her that how can the latter say like that when she is also a woman. She asks to understand her pain and return Pihu to her. Karan asks Sonakshi that who is she because someone else talked with him few minutes back. She tells him that they works for her. Preeta asks her about her demand and pleads her to not harm Pihu. Sonakshi tells her that she wants 2 crore cash in 2 hours. Preeta agrees to give money.

Karan goes to arrange money. Vinod follows him and asks him to not arrange money. He tells him that it looks like personal kidnapping. He informs him that kidnapper hired hacker too that’s why his team could not trace kidnapper’s location yet. Karan tells him that he don’t care about all this and he is going to give money to kidnapper to save Pihu. Vinod tells him that it seems like revenge plan only and they can even kill Pihu too after taking money. Karan tells him that he has to save his daughter no matter what. Preeta gets in the car saying that she will accompany him too. Vinod gets an idea.

Sonakshi sees Sherlyn in the godown and asks her that what the latter doing there and how she reached because if she can then Police can reach too. Sherlyn breaks her mobile and tells her that anyone can trace her location with it. She asks her that why the latter didn’t share the plan with her. Sonakshi tells her that she will return Pihu after taking money from Karan.

Then she will make sure that Preeta becomes the villian for Luthra’s. Sherlyn tells her that the latter is mad and without her help she can’t do anything. She says to her that the latter forgot that Karan and Preeta can go any extend to save Pihu. She reveals about Vinod. Sonakshi asks to join hands with her. Sherlyn tells her that Prithvi is in jail because of Preeta so she wants revenge too and joins hands with her.

Srishti reaches Luthra house. Sameer informs her about Pihu’s kidnap. Mahesh tells her that Preeta needs her support. Srishti thanks him for understanding Preeta. Karan and Preeta enters the house. Srishti consoles the crying Preeta.

Episode ends..

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