Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2023 Written Update: A surprise for Palki

Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rajveer tells sorry to Palki for not bringing ring. Palki sadly asks him that whether he did not bring ring. He tells her that he will do something. He makes a plastic ring and puts it on Palki’s finger ( Soniya song plays in the background ). He asks her that if she will marry him. She looks at the ring. They hears the door knocking sound and gets scared. They tries to open the window but fails. Shanaya opens the door. Daljeet barges into the room. Rajveer hides.


On the other hand, Nidhi could not sleep because of fear. She says that she has to do something else she will lose everything. And says that she won’t get Karan if Preeta returned to Luthra house then. She adds that her dream is becoming Karan’s wife.

Preeta asks Mohit about Rajveer. Mohit lies to her that Rajveer went for walk. He tells her that he will do her job. She tells him that everything is ready. She asks him to arrange mineral water bottles.

Daljeet gives facepack to Shanaya. Rajveer decides to hide in the washroom and goes inside the washroom. Palki notices this. Daljeet gives facepack to Palki too and leaves from there. Shanaya moves towards the washroom. Palki stops her and tells her that she will go first. Shanaya runs into the washroom.

Karan wakes Rishabh up. He tells Rishabh that he want advice. Mahesh comes there with pillow. Rishabh asks Mahesh that whether Rakhi throw him out of the room. Mahesh tells Karan that he will give advice to him. Karan taunts him. Mahesh says that Rakhi is excited about Shaurya’s roka and he could not sleep that’s why he left his room. Karan says that Mahesh is lying. He tells Rishabh that Mahesh would have disturbed Rakhi that’s why she throw Mahesh out of the room. Mahesh asks Karan that what advice he want.

Karan says that he want to find Preeta. Rishabh reminds Karan that the latter was angry with Preeta. Karan tells him that he want to tell Preeta about Shaurya’s roka. Rishabh says that Preeta will be present in Shaurya’s roka for sure.

Preeta tells Mohit that she want to go to Luthra house after Rajveer’s roka. She says that she feel like she is Shaurya’s mother. She adds that she want to meet Shaurya on his special day. Gurpreet tells Preeta to not go to Luthra house. Mohit also tells Preeta to not meet Shaurya. Preeta tells them that she won’t change her decision and leaves from there.

Rajveer hides from Shanaya. Palki tells Shanaya to open the door. Shanaya opens the door and asks Palki that what happened. Palki drags Shanaya and enters the washroom. She tells Rajveer to escape when she talks to Shanaya. She goes out and talks to Shanaya. Rajveer escapes from there. Palki gets relieved and falls on the bed. She sees the ring. She recalls Rajveer’s proposal and smiles.

Episode ends.

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