Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Update: Preeta reveals the truth to Sarla

Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Prithvi asks Sarla that why she slapped him. He says he is not saying anything against Preeta instead just saying whatever society will talk about her, and by slapping him she can’t change that. Sarla asks him to leave the house saying how dare he to use these kinda words for her daughter.

She says he was supposed to be her son in law once upon a time but not now. She says she knows that Preeta will never do anything wrong. She shouts at him saying how dare he to talk about her daughter that too standing in her house and pushes him. He asks why she is angry on him and asks did she accepted their marriage when Karan denied to acknowledge it. She recalls how she didn’t acknowledge their first marriage. He says he is here to help her so she can take the right decision. He says even if she wants Karan as her son in law also that’s not possible because Luthra’s are against this marriage and says no one will accept Preeta except him.

Janki asks didn’t listen to what Sarla said and asks him to leave the house. She drags him but he pushes her aside and her head hits the door and she sees few glimpses from the past. He apologizes to her and says it was an accident he doesn’t have any intention to hurt her. He pleads Sarla to not throw him out.

Rakhi talks with the unconscious Mahesh. She tells him that she doesn’t know she took the right decision or not but she knows he would have done the same if he was in her place then. She says Preeta did nothing wrong by marrying her husband again, she wanted to live with her in this house but she can’t do that because of this house situation.

She says earlier everyone in Luthra’s house used to love Preeta but now everyone hates her and she can’t handle their hate every day that’s why she took that decision. She says without him she feels so lonely and she needs him and cries. Kareena comes there and consoles Rakhi. She says Rakhi is not alone, her whole family is with her, and she even proved today that she is strong by taking that decision and asks her to not cry.

Preeta and Sristy reaches arora house. Sarla notices Preeta’s vermillion and nuptial chain. Preeta runs towards Sarla to hug her but Sarla stops her. Sristy tells Sarla about Karan and Preeta’s marriage. Janki says they know everything. Sarla asks Preeta to leave the house.

Karan recalls everything and hurts his hand. Rakhi comes there and asks him to not drink when he is angry and sad because he normally drinks when he is happy. He says he is neither angry nor sad. She says he is thinking about something in mind for sure and asks him to share with her. He says he wants to stay alone for some time.

Sarla shouts at Preeta saying didn’t she listen what she said. Sristy tries to say something. Sarla asks her to not interrupt and says Preeta went to attend Karan and Mahira’s marriage saying it doesn’t matter to her whoever he marries. Janki asks how can Sarla talk with Preeta like this.

Sarla says it’s between she and her daughter so no one should not interfere. She says when Karan betrayed them she supported Preeta but this time Preeta married the one who always betrayed and hurted them. She says Preeta never listened her whenever she stopped her from going to luthra house and asked to stay away from luthra’s. She asks does she have any self-respect or not and says her tears won’t make any affect on her today and says if she wants to cry then she can go outside to cry. She says she did wrong by trusting her daughters.

Preeta says there is no mistake of Sristy and says Sarla did wrong by teaching them to fight against evil and says Sherlyn and Mahira planned to kill Mahesh after marriage and Sherlyn is the one who kidnapped Rishab. Sarla asks instead of telling that to luthra’s why she interfered.

Episode ends.