Kundali Bhagya 31st December 2019 Written Update: Preeta gets applied with Karan’s named Mehendi

Episode begins with Kareena warning Preeta. Preeta leaves from there but Sristy hears their conversation. Later Sristy confronts Preeta and asks is she hurt by Kareena’s talks. She also says she understands Preeta is hurt by Kareena’s behavior and also because of Karan’s marriage. Preeta keeps repeating she is not hurt. But Sristy says Preeta and Karan only made for each other but Preeta denies that and says Karan is not hers because Karan’s name mehandi not gonna apply on her hand. Preeta accepts she is hurt but she wants to accept the reality that Karan is going to marry Mahira now. Sristy hugs Preeta and consoles her. Sristy prays to God that Preeta should get all happiness which is Karan.

   Pandit ji gives the mehandi plate to Karan. Rishab was thanking Salil for sending the ice on time but Sherlyn hears him and asks him why is he helping the arora’s. He replies he did that just for Karan so his function doesn’t spoils. She tried to brainwash him telling they should take revenge from arora’s. But Rishab says it’s my brother function so we should celebrate instead of thinking about revenge. Rishab leaves from there. Sherlyn thinks to do something again today create a mess against arora’s.

Karan brings the mehandi plate. Sristy thinks if Karan and Preeta made for each other then that mehandi should be on Preeta’s hand. Kareena says to Karan’s mother that he is so happy about this marriage that’s why he himself bringing the mehandi plate.

   Karan was about to give the mehandi plate to Mahira but before that because of children’s it was about to slip from his hand, but Preeta holds the plate to help him. And her hand filled with mehandi in this process. Everyone shocks seeing this but Sristy and Rishab smiles seeing this.

  Sarla too sees this and thinks why these all happening with Preeta. Kareena takes Karan from there. Preeta too leaves from there. Mahira sees Karan crying silently. Karan’s mother too notices that.

  Sarla is hurt because after her denial too her daughters doing work in this function. She is disappointed with God too because her daughters suffering lot in their life.

  Preeta remembers how Kareena praised the mehandi. Sristy comes there and says this is what God too says that you and Karan made for each other showing Preeta’s hand which is filled with mehandi now. She also says they both can fight how much they wants but the destiny says they both only made for each other and Preeta can’t deny this truth. Preeta says this mehandi reached her hand accidentally so it doesn’t matter. For that Sristy says Karan’s name mehandi is in her hand and this is God’s wish too that’s why it happened. Finally Sristy convinces Preeta saying Karan is just hers and tells to just listen her heart.

   Preeta says she will talk to Mahira about this and she also accepts Karan is just hers and they are made for each other.

Episode ends.