Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2020 Written Update: Preeta gets emotional seeing Karan’s concern

Episode begins with Sherlyn thinks Rishab himself will stop her from leaving the house. Karan thinks Sherlyn gave her mobile to Rishab or not. He tells Sameer that Sherlyn calls Rishab as baby and says he heard her calling him like that when he was hiding in her room. Rishab comes there and says Sherlyn didn’t gave her mobile instead fight happened between them and she blackmailed him to leave the house. Karan asks him to stop her. Rishab says if he talk then fight won’t end. Karan goes to police station to meet Preeta. Rishab stays in house instead of going with Karan because he have to handle the drama which Sherlyn will do now.

Sherlyn gets call from Mahira and tells her to bring all family members to her room. Mahira says Sherlyn wanna talk with them and all goes there. Sherlyn does acting in front of them and cries. Everyone gets confused seeing her crying. Sherlyn handovers her jewelry to Dadi and says she is leaving the house. Rakhi shocks hearing this and tries to stop her from leaving the house and asks what happened that she decided to leave the house. Sherlyn says it’s because of Rishab and Karan too does not want to see her in this house.

Rishab attends the guests. Sameer comes to him and tells other family members are missing in party. Rishab says they will be with Sherlyn and says she is overreacting for small matter. Sameer asks it does matter to him if Sherlyn leaves the house. Rishab replies it does matter to him and his family after all she is this house daughter in law. And says Sameer won’t understand this because he is single. He says he lied to Karan that it doesn’t matter to him because he doesn’t like Sherlyn. Sometimes lieing is necessary to balance the relations.

Sherlyn says Rishab and Karan hates her. Kareena tries to defend them. Krithika says Sherlyn unnecessarily blaming her brothers. Sherlyn says she did everything for this family and she took stand for Mahira. Mahira thanks her for saving her in accident day and says if she was not there then anything would have happened with her. Krithika says if not Sherlyn then anyone else would have admitted Mahira in hospital and says Sherlyn overreacting now. Kareena shouts at Krithika and says she can’t talk like this with Sherlyn and asks her to stay silent. Sherlyn says every relation need trust but Rishab doesn’t believe her that’s why she is leaving the house. Sherlyn says when she told Rishab that Preeta pushed Mahira in front of truck he didn’t believed her and now also he is doing the same. Rakhi says it’s just Sherlyn’s misunderstanding nothing else. Sherlyn says she have video proof too against Preeta and she already gave that to police and they too arrested Preeta again. Rakhi gets shocks listening this.

In police station, Preeta recalls Karan’s promise and thinks why she is keep thinking about him. She feels he is in police station and shocks seeing him there. He says he came to say he is so concerned for her.

Sherlyn lies to them that she was ready to give her mobile to Rishab. She says when she asked him he trust her or not he told he trusts both Preeta and Sherlyn equally. She is upset with this comparison. Rishab doesn’t believes her so no use of living here. Rakhi asks her not leave the house and says she will talk with Rishab. Sherlyn says Rishab knows where she is going if he wants to talk with her then he can come there. Krithika thinks Sherlyn lieing to get everyone’s sympathy. Rakhi tells her to not take Rishab’s talks in her heart. Sherlyn says Rishab and Karan always takes Preeta’s side when she is no one to this family and leaves from there. Dadi says Rishab did wrong and asks Rakhi to talk with him. Ramona says Sherlyn have proof too now against Preeta and asks Rakhi to not trust Preeta.

Karan says he was in party and wanted to know she ate anything or not. He asks her not worry because soon he will bring her out. Preeta gets emotional hearing him.

Episode ends.