Kundali Bhagya 31st July 2020 Written Update: Rishab tells Rakhi about Karan’s stubbornness

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Episode begins with Sherlyn says Karan always listens Rishab but today that didn’t happened instead he fighted with him all credit to Mahira. Mahira asks why that fight happened. Sherlyn says Karan desperate to marry Mahira. Mahira gets happy listening her and says she knows that he will marry her only. Sherlyn says Karan is determined to marry Mahira but if Preeta attends the marriage then it will affect him. She says she will plan something to stop Preeta. Mahira asks Sherlyn to not do anything like that. Sherlyn says Preeta decided to attend the marriage. Mahira says she too wants her to attend the marriage, earlier she was afraid when Karan told he invited Preeta but now she is sure that he will marry her definitely and Preeta’s presence won’t make any difference so she have no issues with Preeta attending her marriage. She says today Preeta will get to know how much Karan hates her. Sherlyn leaves from there after saying Mahira to get ready for marriage. Mahira thinks she is waiting to witness Preeta’s hurt face and that’s her biggest win.

Rishab recalls what Karan told him few minutes ago. Rakhi comes to his room and asks did he tried to make Karan understand. He says he did whatever she asked him to do but Karan didn’t understand him, he says Karan changed lot recently. He says Karan used to listen Preeta and him but now nothing happening like that. Rakhi says Karan loves Rishab lot that’s why she asked him to make Karan understand. He says it’s not the right time to talk to Karan it seems like he is angry on himself and doesn’t want to listen anyone and if they talk to him about Preeta now then it will worse the situation. Rakhi says the way Karan behaving with Preeta is hurting her so much and Preeta won’t behave like that with Karan. She says Preeta will never do anything which may hurt him because she loves him that much. Sanjana comes there and takes Rakhi with her saying guests asking about her. Rishab thinks he never thought Karan will behave like this.

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Sherlyn asks everyone to dance. That time Preeta comes there with Sristy. Karan sees Preeta and thinks today he will show Preeta’s right place to her. Preeta thinks today she will prove him wrong. Everyone stops dancing seeing Preeta. Karan moves towards Preeta and forcibly makes her dance with him. Rishab tries to stop Karan from hurting Preeta. Sristy takes Preeta with her. Karan asks Rishab to not come between him and Preeta. Sristy says Karan was fighting with her in the name of dance and Preeta defends him saying he was like that only always. Sristy says she knows Karan was hurting her then why she was silent there. Preeta says Sristy is wrong about Karan. Karan asks Ramona to call Mahira fast staring Preeta. Sherlyn says Mahira getting ready. Preeta smiles seeing Karan like nothing affects her. Kareena drags Preeta with her. Sherlyn notices that and thinks today no one can save Preeta from Kareena and smirks.

Episode ends.