Kundali Bhagya 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Rakhi’s care makes Arjun emotional

Kundali Bhagya 3rd August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Preeta treats Arjun’s wound. Arjun stares her. She notices that. She tells him that she got to know that he is not habituated to say thanks too. He reminds her that he saved her and Rishabh’s life. He says that it looks like she kept the broken glass there deliberately. She tells him that no one told him to take that glass and it was just an accident. So he can’t blame her like this. He tells her that he made mistake by coming to this party.

 He adds that she is such a bad host. She reminds him that she treated his wound. He tells her that she is a Doctor so she fulfilled her responsibility that’s it. He asks her to go to Rishabh and he leaves from there. She gets pissed off. She hopes that she don’t do anything which could hurt Rakhi because Arjun is Rakhi’s guest.

Mahesh asks Rakhi that why she went to kitchen. Rakhi tells him that she went to make laddus. He tells her that she should have brought laddus for him. She notices Arjun’s wound and gets worried. She asks him that how it happened. Arjun tells her that it’s just a small wound. He tells her that he broke the glass in jealously. She asks him that what is he saying. He tells her that it happened by mistake. Mahesh jokes seeing Rakhi getting worried. Arjun laughs hearing him. Rakhi stares him. He tells her that Mahesh joked that’s why he laughed. She takes him from there to give haldi milk to him.

On the other hand, Raja, Vishnu and Bunty sneak into Arjun’s house. Anjali gets ready for the party. Goons sees her. Anjali leaves the house. Goons decides to follow Anjali and they leaves the house.

Sameer tells Rishabh that he did nothing wrong and Srishti suspecting him unnecessarily. Rishabh tells him that he trust him. He says that problems are common in all the marriages so Sameer should find solution. Preeta comes there. Sameer leaves from there. Preeta tells Rishabh about Arjun’s wound. She asks him that if he felt bad. He tells her that he trust her completely. He adds that he respect her too so she need not to worry about anything.

In the kitchen, Rakhi offers laddu to Arjun. He gets emotional seeing that. He recalls that how she used to make laddus for him. He tells her that this is his favorite and he eats it. Mahesh comes there and asks for laddu. Rakhi refuses to give him. Arjun gives 3 laddus to Mahesh. Mahesh tries to take more but Arjun stops him. Srishti comes there and says that they are getting late for cake cutting. Rakhi takes Mahesh from there. Arjun hides the laddu box.

Anjali enters Luthra mansion. Raja tells Vishnu to call their gang. Meanwhile, Kavya asks Arjun that what is he doing there. Arjun notices the necklace which he gifted to Preeta. But the necklace was small for Preeta so they decided to give it to their daughter. Kavya runs from there hearing Dadi’s voice. Girish chases Kavya. Arjun tells Dadi that she is looking hot today. She tells him that Karan used to talk like this.

Episode ends.