Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn’s plan succeeds

Episode begins with Karan says Rishab won’t apologize to Sherlyn because she made issue for no reason and it’s not matter to him if she stays in house or not. Rakhi scolds Karan that he can’t decide for others and says it does matter to her and this family because Sherlyn is luthra’s daughter in law.

Karan says Rakhi does not know anything about Sherlyn that’s why she is speaking like this. Rakhi tells she knows everything but he is not listening her and asks him to give respect to Sherlyn because she is his brother’s wife. Karan asks from when she became against Preeta?

Mahira says Rakhi isn’t against Preeta but just against the one who hurted Mahira. Karan asks Mahira to understand him. That time Sameer comes there and says guests starts to leave and no family member is there to attend guests too so asks Ramona to cut the cake.

Ramona says she won’t cut the cake until Sherlyn comes back. Karan laughs at her and says then she is not gonna cut her birthday cake today. Dadi orders Karan to stay silent instead of disrespecting elders. Rishab says he will make Karan understand and takes him from there. Kareena decides to go to Sherlyn’s house to bring her back with Rakhi. Kritika thinks Sherlyn always just creates problems. Mahira thinks Sherlyn was correct about luthra’s.

Sarla is happy after seeing Preeta’s happy face but suddenly gets worried thinking Karan was silent when police arrested Preeta then how he is trying to help Preeta. She doubts what if Preeta misunderstood Karan so asks Sristy to call Sameer and asks about Karan’s intention.

Sristy calls Sameer and asks did Karan really trying to help Preeta? Sameer tells her that Karan trying his level best to save Preeta. Sarla gets happy knowing this and goes from there.

Other side, Ramona asks Sameer with whom he is talking when so much tension going on in house. Sameer tells her that he is talking with astrologer to know about his future and gives his mobile to her to know about her future. Sristy talks like astrologer with Ramona and wishes her for her birthday.

Ramona gets impressed with this. Sristy says so much difficulties coming on her daughters marriage so to get rid of that asks her to do Karan’s marriage with his wife. Ramona shocks hearing this and gives the mobile back to Sameer after scolding him.

Sanjana gets worried thinking what if luthra’s doesn’t come to bring Sherlyn back to their house. Sherlyn says she did everything with so much planning and luthra’s will come soon to bring her back. She says they loves her so much and says there was no husband and wife relationship between her and Rishab but luthra’s don’t know about this. Sanjana gets shocks listening this and asks why she hided this much big thing from her. Without answering her mother Sherlyn goes to her room.

Rishab tries to make Karan understand that he can’t disrespect Sherlyn especially in front of elders because she is his wife and this house daughter in law that’s why she deserves respect. And says when elders are angry then he should not argue with them because that’s not a solution for the problem.

Rakhi and Kareena reaches Sherlyn’s house. Sherlyn sees them from her room and decides to start her drama. She acts like she was crying from the time she came from luthra house. Sanjana says she trusts Rishab but still how he behaved like this with Sherlyn and says she is really disappointed with him. Sherlyn praises her mother’s acting in her mind. Kareena and Rakhi apologize to Sanjana for Rishab’s behavior. Rakhi says she came to bring Sherlyn back and wants to talk with her.

Sameer tells Karan that Sristy asked him , Karan will really help Preeta? Rishab says Sarla would have liked it seeing the way Karan tries to help Preeta and her family. Karan says Preeta helped him by treating Dadi and saved his family members too so he is also helping her now. Rishab teasingly smiles at Karan hearing his reason for saving Preeta. Mahira overhears that and cries knowing Karan trying to help Preeta.

Episode ends.