Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2020 Written Update: Goons attacks Rishab

Episode begins with Prithvi asking Mahira’s mother about Preeta but she says she doesn’t know where is Preeta and shows Sherlyn saying she can help him. He gets shocks seeing Sherlyn and thinks if she came to know that he is here for Preeta then she won’t leave him. Mahira’s mother goes to bring Sherlyn and she says to Sherlyn that someone is asking about Preeta. Prithvi listens that and goes from there before Sherlyn reaches him. Before Prithvi goes outside goons comes inside the hall with their guns. All panicks seeing the goons.

On the other hand Dadi taunts Sristy. Dadi and Sristy argues with each other. Karan’s mother calm them . Sristy says to check the oil so later no one blames her saying she mixed something in oil. Dadi checks the oil and says it’s fine. Sristy teasingly says mehandi color defines Karan love  but why Mahira’s mehandi color is so light. Mahira and Karan’s mother shocks listening this. Sristy goes from there.

Karan and Preeta reaches the hall before they enters inside they hears gun shot. Preeta says she wants to go inside but Karan stops her and says without knowing the problem they should not go inside. But Preeta again tries to go inside. Karan says she is not any super woman and the goons have gun so she should not go inside. He asks this hall have any other door or any window? Preeta says there is one window in kitchen side. They both goes to that window side. Karan tries to go inside alone, but Preeta stops him and says he is not any super man too that he can handle everything alone. Karan took promise from Preeta that she will not try to come inside and gives his phone to her. He assures her he will handle everything and goes inside.

Sherlyn and Prithvi hides under the table. Goons threatens everyone and collects the jewels from them.

Rishab sees one mobile there and thinks to call police from that mobile. Krithika too sees that and signals Sameer about mobile. Sameer passes the mobile to Krithika. Krithika passes the mobile to Rishab but it reaches Sherlyn who is hiding under the table. Sherlyn throws the mobile outside it reaches Rishab. Rishab tries to call police but goon sees him with mobile and snatches it. Sherlyn too caught by one of the goon.

After damaging all cctv and landlines goons removes their masks. Rishab says to goons that here mehandi celebration happening so they should not spoil it. He requests them to leave everyone. He also says he will give money but they should not harm anyone. But goons ties him with chair.

Prithvi searches place to hide and thinks to hide in groom’s room.

Episode ends.