Kundali Bhagya 4th August 2022 Written Update: Kavya cheers up an upset Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 4th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Dadi tells Arjun she is glad he came to the party. Arjun tells him that he is happy too. Beeji comes there and asks Arjun that if he forgot her. He asks her that how can he forget her. He says that he has two girlfriends. Dadi tells him that, that’s not possible. She asks him to choose between herself and Beeji.

He asks her to not get jealous. He notices Anjali entering the house. He moves towards her and he collides with Preeta. He realises that what happened. They stares each other ( Suna hai song plays in the background ). He thinks that he feels her presence still. She thinks that she felt Karan’s presence. Rishabh and Anjali comes there.

Srishti takes the mic and announces that Rishabh and Preeta will dance now. She adds that it’s been 5 years to their marriage. Rishabh and Preeta dances together. Arjun feels bad seeing them dancing together. He recalls how he danced with Preeta in the past. He is not able to see their dance so he leaves from there. Preeta and Rishabh’s dance performance gets over. Everyone claps for the couple.

On the other hand, Prithvi orders tea and vada pav from tea stall owner. He tells his friend that he is happy so he will pay for everything today. His friend’s wife comes there and scolds her husband for wasting time with Prithvi. Prithvi tells her that today is his marriage anniversary that’s why he is giving treat. She tells her husband to learn to celebrate marriage anniversary from Prithvi. She fights with her husband. Prithvi leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Raja and his guys disguises as waiters and enters Luthra mansion. Arjun cries recalling that what happened few minutes back. He hides in a room hearing Srishti’s voice. Kavya asks him that why he is crying. He tells her that he was not crying. She tells him that Preeta also cries when she is alone in the kitchen.

He gets worried and he asks her that why Preeta cries. She says that Preeta cries while cutting onions. He smiles hearing her. She kisses on his forehead and tells him that she likes him. She says that she does not kiss easily but he saved her that’s why she kissed him. He hugs her. She tells him that she has to meet her friend and she leaves the room.

Sherlyn asks Prithvi’s friend about Prithvi. He complains about his wife to her. Sherlyn learns that Prithvi gave treat to celebrate his marriage anniversary. She realises that today Preeta and Rishabh’s marriage happened. She gets angry at Prithvi and leaves from there.

In the kitchen, Preeta asks Arjun that what is he doing there. Arjun tells her that she danced well with Rishabh. She thanks him. He adjusts her bindi. She scolds him for that. She recalls that how Karan adjusted her bindi. She asks Arjun that what he wants. He tells her that he wants her which shocks her.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Preeta treats Arjun’s wound. Arjun stares her. She notices that. She tells him that she got to know that he is not habituated to say thanks too. He reminds her that he saved her and Rishabh’s life. He says that it looks like she kept the broken glass there deliberately. She tells him that no one told him to take that glass and it was just an accident. So he can’t blame her like this. He tells her that he made mistake by coming to this party.

 He adds that she is such a bad host. She reminds him that she treated his wound. He tells her that she is a Doctor so she fulfilled her responsibility that’s it. He asks her to go to Rishabh and he leaves from there. She gets pissed off. She hopes that she don’t do anything which could hurt Rakhi because Arjun is Rakhi’s guest.

Mahesh asks Rakhi that why she went to kitchen. Rakhi tells him that she went to make laddus. He tells her that she should have brought laddus for him. She notices Arjun’s wound and gets worried. She asks him that how it happened. Arjun tells her that it’s just a small wound. He tells her that he broke the glass in jealously. She asks him that what is he saying. He tells her that it happened by mistake. Mahesh jokes seeing Rakhi getting worried. Arjun laughs hearing him. Rakhi stares him. He tells her that Mahesh joked that’s why he laughed. She takes him from there to give haldi milk to him.

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