Kundali Bhagya 4th December 2023 Written Update: Shaurya shares his plan to Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 4th December 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rajveer and Palki dances. Preeta comes out. Everyone joins Rajveer and Palki. Shaurya puts drug pocket in Rajveer’s kurta pocket using this chance. Preeta notices Nidhi and she wonders that if Karan is there. Gurpreet tells Preeta that they should bring shagun plate. Preeta tells her that Srishti gave a bangle to her for Rajveer’s wife. She goes inside to bring the bangle. Karan goes inside and searches Preeta ( Sajdaa song plays in the background ).


Nidhi comes there and sees Karan and Preeta in same room. She hope that Karan and Preeta don’t see each other. She sends message to Karan and asks him to come out if he want to meet Rajveer’s mother then. Karan reads the message and leaves the room. Preeta tells herself that she felt like someone was there. She searches the bangle. Nidhi locks the door from outside and leaves from there. She notices Shaurya and wonders what is he doing there. She realises that Shaurya is up to something and she takes him from there. Sandy follows them.

Preeta finds the bangle. She says that she will give this bangle to Palki. She asks God to cure Srishti soon. She notices that door is locked. She wonders how it happened.

Nidhi asks Shaurya that why he came there. Shaurya tells her that his biggest problem is Rajveer. He says that he will execute his plan. She asks him that what is his plan. He tells her that he will frame Rajveer in drug case. She asks him that if he is mad. She says that police could arrest Shaurya too. She says that Shaurya should have informed her about this. Shaurya tells her that she did not had time for him. She thinks that she was fighting her battle. She understands that this is Sandy’s idea because he consumes drug. She tells Shaurya to not come in front of the police and leaves from there.

Priest says that they should begin the roka rituals. Mohit tells Rajveer that Preeta will do the rituals and Karan will get to know that Preeta is the latter’s son. Priest tells Rajveer to call his mother. Shaurya tells Sandy that they will leave once police comes. Daljeet tells Gurpreet to bring Rajveer’s mother. She says that they have to leave for Shanaya’s roka too after Palki’s roka. She decides to bring Rajveer’s mother. Nidhi tells Daljeet that she want to talk to her about roka. Karan tells Mohit to bring Rajveer’s mother. Gurpreet says that they have to cancel the roka. Karan asks her that what happened. Gurpreet tells him that Preeta left for hospital to meet Rajveer’s maasi. She says that she forgot to tell roka time to Rajveer’s mother.

Priest tells Rajveer to call his father to perform the ritual. Rajveer tells Priest that he don’t have a father. Karan says that he is Rajveer’s father.

Episode ends.

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