Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2020 Written Update: Sherlyn puts Mahesh life in danger

Episode begins with Sherlyn comes out of her room and acts like she doesn’t know about luthra’s arrival. Kareena says they came to bring Sherlyn back. Sherlyn cries and says one side her mother trusts Rishab more and other side Rishab doesn’t respects their relationship. Rakhi says Rishab trusts Sherlyn and fights happens in every house but leaving the house is not solution for any problem. She says Sherlyn is luthra house daughter in law and she have certain responsibilities towards them. She asks Sherlyn to come back for her . She agrees Rishab did wrong and says she will talk with him. Kareena says Rishab will take time to understand this so if Sherlyn wants she can stay in her mother house till then. Sherlyn interrupts Kareena and says she is ready to go with them. Rakhi thanks her for understanding them. Sherlyn says she is ready to go with them but she expects respect from Rishab because she doesn’t like the way he talks with her. She says he respects Preeta when she have proof against her and shows the edited video to Rakhi and Kareena. Rakhi gets stunned seeing that. Kareena tells it’s good police arrested Preeta again. Sherlyn thinks she showed the video to them so they can be in her side. Rakhi asks really Preeta pushed Mahira? Sherlyn says Preeta deliberately pushed Mahira in front of the truck that’s why she wanted to protect Mahira from Preeta soPreeta doesn’t harm Mahira again. She cries hugging Rakhi and tells her to make Rishab understand. Rakhi promises that it won’t happen again. Sanjana thinks her daughter is real drama queen and she manipulates people easily.

Mahira cries recalling Karan’s talks. Ramona comes to her and asks why she seems worried? Mahira says Sameer, Rishab and Kritika always takes Preeta’s side. Ramona says Mahira should think about Karan not others when he is also taking Preeta’s side and trusts her. Mahira feels luthra family will never love her, the way they loves Preeta. Ramona asks her to rethink about her decision of marrying Karan because it will spoil her life only. Mahira says instead of consoling her she is talking negatively and leaves from there angrily. Ramona thinks her husband doesn’t know about Karan’s marriage and no one can control his anger if he comes to know the truth.

Karan and Rishab discuss with their family lawyer about Preeta’s case. Lawyer tells it’s just a simple case because the one who gave complaint is their family member. He suggests them to talk with Mahira if she withdraw the complaint then there will be no case. Before they replies anything Ramona comes there and says Mahesh is unwell and he is not able to breathe properly. Mahira meets Sherlyn and gets happy and apologize to her for misunderstanding her. Karan and Rishab runs towards Mahesh’s room. Seeing them everyone follows them. Sherlyn recalls how she injected Mahesh with wrong medicine before leaving from luthra house. And only she knows about anti diodes so she can act like she saved Mahesh.

Everyone reaches Mahesh room and gets worried seeing him like that. Rishab calls doctor and gets to know he is out of India. Sherlyn gets happy seeing them worried and goes towards Mahesh. She tells them doctor gave her anti diode and she injects Mahesh. After few minutes Mahesh becomes normal seeing that Rakhi gets relieved and thanks Sherlyn for saving Mahesh. Sherlyn goes to everyone and consoles them one by one. She apologizes to Ramona for spoiling her birthday and says she will bring fresh cake for her so they can celebrate her birthday and moves from there. Sherlyn thinks to celebrate her happiness and says she needs partner for that and she knows with whom she should celebrate and smirks.

Episode ends.