Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2021 Written Update: Srishti shares her plan to Luthra’s

Kundali Bhagya 4th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Prithvi goes to all the rooms one by one to check that Sandeep is there or not. He thinks that where he will hide Sandeep if he was Preeta then. He tells himself that Preeta is smart so this game become more interesting but she won’t be able to win against him because he is mastermind.

On the other hand, Srishti tells Preeta that they should keep shifting Sandeep till morning. Sameer tells her that what if Prithvi saw them while shifting. Preeta tells him that they should make sure that Prithvi never sees Sandeep. Srishti tells them that they should take Sandeep to guest room first and she has a plan to confuse Prithvi.

Preeta goes to put Pihu in toy room. Rakhi goes to arrange guest room. Srishti calls Kritika and talks like she is talking to Preeta and asks her to come to Karan’s room and she is waiting there with Sandeep. Prithvi overhears Kritika’s conversation with Srishti. He thinks that Luthra’s are dumb for sure. They goes to Karan’s room but no one is there. He gets pissed off. He sees Srishti with empty wheelchair and understands that they are playing with him. Kritika wonders that why he is behaving weird. He goes to kitchen and takes petrol and knife.

In the guest room, Srishti tells Preeta that she is glad that Prithvi didn’t saw Sandeep. Preeta notices movement in Sandeep and tells her gang that seems like he is going to wake up. Prithvi tells himself that he will make sure that Sandeep comes in front of him and even Preeta can’t do anything about it. He sets fire in Sameer’s room and smiles and leaves from there. Everyone starts coughing. They comes out of guest room and goes to Sameer’s room. Prithvi sees that. They shocks seeing the fire.

Prithvi goes to guest room with knife. Sandeep pleads him to not kill. Prithvi tries to attack him and the latter escapes from there. Sandeep screams for help and he reaches the hall. Preeta and her gang hears Sandeep’s scream. She tells them that no one is with Sandeep and they runs to save Sandeep.

Sandeep loses his consciousness and Preeta finds him. She asks Sameer to pick Sandeep up. He makes him lay on the sofa. Rakhi asks them that how Sandeep reached there. Prithvi overhears their conversation and thinks that Preeta didn’t tell the truth to Rakhi. They acts like they don’t have any idea about Prithvi’s plan. Rakhi asks Sameer to bring blanket for Sandeep.

After some time, Sameer brings blanket and covers Sandeep. Rakhi tells them that they should go to sleep. Sameer tells them that he will stay with Sandeep so others leaves from there. Prithvi waits for the right time to kill Sandeep. Sameer goes to the kitchen to bring water. Prithvi stabs Sandeep. Preeta tells him that she trapped him. Her gang also comes there.

Episode ends.

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