Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2022 Written Update: Prithvi sneaks into Luthra house

Kundali Bhagya 5th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Raja and his gang enters Luthra house. Rishabh asks them that what are they doing. He tells them to use back door to bring things. They says that they were not aware of back door. He asks them to put the gifts in the guest room. They goes inside. He asks Sameer about Preeta. Sameer asks him that if the latter missing Preeta. Srishti tells him that not everyone is unromantic like him. Rishabh laughs hearing her.

Sameer says that Srishti suspects him always. Srishti tells Rishabh that she will bring Preeta and leaves from there. Rishabh tells Sameer that the latter should consider himself lucky because Srishti loves him. He asks him to keep Srishti happy and leaves from there. Sameer says that everyone takes Srishti’s side. He regrets for marrying Srishti.

In the kitchen, Preeta scolds Arjun for talking like that with her. Arjun tells her that she misunderstood him. He says that he told her to move. He informs her that he wanted to take his laddu box. He takes it from microwave. He asks her that how can she think that he is interested in her when she is married already. She asks him to stay away from her. She tells him that she knows that what he is trying to do. She asks him to stop flirting with her. He tells her that he did not flirt with her. She warns him to not misbehave with her. She adds that she will complain about him to Rishabh.

Srishti comes there. Arjun adjusts her hair and says that now she is looking good. She thanks him. He tells Preeta that this is how well behaved girl behaves. Srishti asks them that what’s happening. Arjun tells her everything. Preeta asks Srishti that how can the latter let anyone touch her hair. Arjun keeps the laddu box in the microwave. He asks Preeta to learn manners from Srishti. He tells Srishti that he likes her and leaves from there. Preeta asks Srishti that why the latter did not slap Arjun. Srishti tells her that Arjun is not a bad person.

Prithvi sneak into Luthra house. He hides behind cupboard seeing Kritika. She leaves the room. He plans to disguise as Sardaarji. Rishabh offers drink to Arjun. He hugs him. Raja gets confused seeing that. Arjun calls Rakhi and tells her that he is weird person according to Rishabh. Rakhi scolds Rishabh and leaves from there.

Arjun laughs talking to Luthras. Anjali notices that. Arjun thinks that he has to control his feelings. Rakhi tells Arjun that Kavya is like him. He tells her that Kavya is sweet. Everyone dances. Preeta collides with Arjun. He dances with her. She recalls dancing with Karan. She goes upstairs. Srishti notices that. Raja tells his gang that Arjun hired them to hurt Rishabh but it’s Arjun who saved Rishabh. Vishnu tells him that Rishabh and Arjun are brothers.

Episode ends.

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