Kundali Bhagya 5th February 2020 Written Update: Karan decides to talk with Mahira for Preeta

Episode begins with Sherlyn sarcastically says she missed Preeta so much that’s why came to meet her. She tells Preeta everything she did like her drama of leaving luthra house and how Rakhi convinced her. She says everyone hates Preeta now. And says the people who used to hate Sherlyn now respects her because she saved Mahesh life. Preeta asks Sherlyn to leave from there. Sherlyn says tomorrow Preeta will be proved as criminal and she will be shift to jail. Preeta says Karan came to meet her and he promised her that he will prove her innocence. Sherlyn advices Preeta to not trust Karan because at the end he will just broke her trust. She says Karan wanted Preeta to depend on him so she doesn’t try to hire any lawyer. She happily says today is last meeting of her and Preeta and says today Preeta didn’t asked her favorite question. Preeta sees her in confusion. Sherlyn says today Preeta didn’t asked her that who is her child’s father. Preeta says it’s not Rishab and asks who is that? Sherlyn says it could be Rishab and drags her words. And says now she is in no mood to reveal the truth and goes from there. Mahira overhears everything.

Luthra’s celebrate Ramona’s birthday. Ramona cuts the cake and feeds everyone. Kritika tells Sameer that they know Sherlyn is not good person still they can’t do anything. Sameer says by saving Mahesh she is good thing first time in her life. Sherlyn says Rishab that tomorrow pooja happening in their house so he will call panditji or she can? Rishab says her to do preparations in her way. Sherlyn asks Rakhi to take rest because she looks tired. Ramona praises Sherlyn and says Rakhi is really lucky to get Sherlyn as her daughter in law.

Police inspector gets call Sherlyn, he says he already talked with lawyer and lawyer too took Preeta’s case so everything will happen the way she planned. Sherlyn praises the inspector and says she already gave the money to his wife. She thinks now lawyer will take money from Sarla but will fight for Sherlyn. Mahira comes there and asks why she seems happy? Sherlyn tells her that how she bought the lawyer with the help of inspector. Now both inspector and lawyer works for Sherlyn. Mahira asks how Sherlyn taking this much big risk without fearing about anything. Sherlyn says to remove Preeta from her life she can take any risk and will go to any extend. She advices Mahira that while fighting she should not think what she will lose instead she should think what she will get and goes from there.

Karan says he wants to save Preeta. Rishab says he knows that but he is not getting any way to save her. He says if Mahira withdraw her complaint then the problem is solved but he thinks she won’t withdraw because she is in anger now. Karan says Preeta is innocent and he can’t let her get punished for the crime she didn’t committed. He decides to talk with Mahira because he promised Preeta that he will prove her innocence.

Sarla takes debt by giving the papers of Kumkum bhagya hall to arrange money for Preeta’s case. Sristy asks the hall is Sarla’s life then why she did that. Sarla says for her Preeta matters and there was no other way to arrange money. Janki tells Sarla to talk with Karan once because if he solved the case before reaching the court then they don’t need lawyer.

Episode ends.