Kundali Bhagya 6th August 2020 Written Update: Rishab’s shocking confession

Kundali Bhagya 6th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sristy asks Sameer to help her to stop the wedding. Sameer escapes from there after listening her. Sherlyn says Preeta is here to attend her husband’s wedding. She says in front of society Karan married Preeta but now he is going to marry Mahira then those society people will question Sarla. She says she just doesn’t understand why Preeta came to attend the wedding but it’s going to be fun for sure. She says Preeta did right thing because seeing her hurt face she will get happiness. She says she is feeling sad thinking now everyone will blame Preeta and Sarla. She says Preeta wasting time crying in front of Mahesh when he can’t help himself what he will do for her. She leaves from there saying Karan is waiting for her.

Karan asks about Preeta to Rishab. Dadi asks him to forget Preeta and concentrate on his wedding. He says everyone knows that without Preeta this wedding won’t happen. Dadi asks Kareena to bring Preeta. Kareena says Sheryn went to bring her. Ramona gets tensed. Mahira signals her to calm down. Sanjana tells Ramona that Preeta is really unlucky so anything can happen. Ramona says she doesn’t understand why Karan invited her but she can’t tell anything too. Krithika tells Sameer that Preeta took wrong decision, she will just face the insults like she always does so she should not have came to attend the wedding. Sameer says he is also feeling same. He hides behind Krithika seeing Sristy. Karan starts the wedding rituals seeing Preeta in front of him.

Sarla gets worried thinking about Preeta. Janki asks why she seems tensed. Sarla says she is thinking about Preeta. She says in luthra house everyone just insults her and Preeta went there to prove Karan and Mahira’s wedding doesn’t affects her but that’s not true, she knows her daughter very well. She says she doesn’t know what is there in Preeta and Karan’s destiny but she just knows that they have a relationship of more than friendship. She says Karan invited Preeta to see how much she can tolerate.

Priest asks Rakhi to tie the alliance cloth.Rakhi asks Sameer to bring the alliance cloth from Kareena’s room. The rituals get postponed for a while due to the lack of alliance cloth. Preeta leaves from there and Sheryn takes Mahira with her. Sanjana says she is so lucky to get son in law like Rishab. Rishab says he doesn’t have the qualities like Karan like listening the heart if he listened his heart then he would not have married Sheryn. Everyone shocks hearing him.

Episode ends.