Kundali Bhagya 6th February 2020 Written Update: Mahira agrees to save Preeta

Episode begins with Sarla says she can’t sit without doing anything thinking Karan will save Preeta and she will do whatever she can to release Preeta. Karan meets Mahira and asks her to withdraw the complaint she gave against Preeta.

Mahira says she never wants to deny him for anything so asks him to understand her and her situation. She says he always takes Preeta’s side even though she had every rights to question him still she never did that because she doesn’t wanted to fight with him because of Preeta. She asks what if again Preeta tries to kill her? Karan says Preeta will never do something like that. She asks did he thinks she did everything to trap Preeta because she hates her?

On the other side, Sherlyn tells Rishab that when she was in her mother house she realize how much she loves him that’s why she came back to luthra house. He thanks her for saving Mahesh’s life. She asks did not he happy with her return? He assures her it’s not like that.

Sherlyn says she will bring coffee for them and leaves the room. Sherlyn thinks she was alone in luthra house but now she have Mahira and Mahira will do everything which she tells her to do.

Karan says he feels that Mahira misunderstood Preeta and Sherlyn manipulates her. Mahira says she knows Preeta tried to kill her twice. Karan asks her to believe him that Preeta can never do something like that. Mahira says she have a fear that after Preeta’s release he won’t marry her that’s why she doesn’t wanna listen him. She says she trusts Karan but not Preeta because Preeta was his best friend so she can manipulate him easily.

Karan asks did Mahira thinks he won’t marry her after Preeta’s release? Mahira nods at him. So he promise her that he will marry her only if tomorrow in court Mahira said Preeta didn’t pushed her. Sherlyn overhears their talks and thinks Mahira won’t withdraw her complaint by believing Karan. Mahira asks will Karan support her always? Karan agrees to support her always. So Mahira accepts Karan’s deal and says she will tell in court that Preeta didn’t pushed her and it was just her misunderstanding. Karan thanks her and goes from there.

Sherlyn slaps Mahira and shouts at her for spoiling Sherlyn’s plan. Mahira says she is not like Sherlyn and doesn’t not do many mistakes. Sherlyn looks at her with confusion. Mahira says Sherlyn did big mistake by slapping her but she is in happy mood that’s why forgiving Sherlyn.

Sherlyn says Mahira can’t talk with her like this. Mahira says Sherlyn can’t even imagine what all she can do against Sherlyn if she ever wants then. She says everything was her plan not Sherlyn’s plan. Mahira says Sherlyn did everything which she wanted her to do. She says today Karan came to her and says he will marry her without knowing that everything was done by her. She knows Karan can do anything for Preeta that’s why she created this situation so Karan can do this. Sherlyn shocks hearing that.

Karan reaches his room and recalls his happy moments with Preeta. On the other side Preeta recalls Sherlyn’s talks and thinks how can Karan marry Mahira when she saw something in his eyes.

Episode ends.