Kundali Bhagya 6th January 2020 Written Update: Karan rescues Rishab from goons

Episode begins with Prithvi goes to Rishab and says him to sit silently. Prithvi shakes the chair and tortures Rishab. Sherlyn gets angry seeing that and shouts on Prithvi. Prithvi goes towards Sherlyn and asks how dare she to shout on him. And also asks why is she speaking for Rishab, for that  Sherlyn says she is wife of Rishab. Prithvi says he won’t leave Rishab and says he have some other plan for Rishab. Prithvi takes one knife from one of the goon and goes to Rishab. He puts that knife on Rishab’s neck. He says if Sherlyn doesnot apologize to him then he will kill Rishab.

Karan’s mother says sorry to Prithvi instead of Sherlyn and asks him to leave Rishab. Kareena and Dadi too requests Prithvi to leave Rishab. But Prithvi says only Sherlyn should apologize not others. Kareena asks Sherlyn to say sorry. Prithvi thinks why Sherlyn is silent. Then, Sherlyn says sorry to Prithvi.

Other goons thinks why their boss behaving weirdly. Prithvi says to take the jewels from Mahira and Dadi too. One of the goon says from main people always boss used to take jewels. Prithvi slaps that goon and says from now rule changed and says other goons to take the jewels.

Goon’s boss comes from washroom and tries to open the door and shouts for help. Prithvi hears that shout and plays song from his mobile and starts to dance so that no one can hear original boss shout. Prithvi asks everyone to dance. All dances unwillingly. Goon’s boss calls one of the goon but that goon shows his mobile to Prithvi. Prithvi takes that mobile from him and switch off the mobile.

Karan, Preeta and Sristy comes to main hall and hides behind Rishab and sees everything. Karan’s family too sees them. One of the goon tries to go towards Rishab but Sameer notices that and stops the goon by dancing with him. Karan, Preeta and Sristy takes Rishab with them. Preeta unties Rishab. That time they hears some sound. Karan says sound coming from his room. Preeta says she only closed that room door. Rishab says she did correct by closing that room otherwise Karan would have blamed their service if anything goes missing from Karan’s room. Sristy agrees with Rishab. They all comes to know the one shouting is original boss.

Preeta says she is not understanding anything. For that Sristy says here two boss exists one is original and other one is duplicate. Preeta says she have an idea. And she says they should requests duplicate boss to leave everyone. Karan says duplicate boss must have some motive to do all this so he won’t listen them. Rishab agrees with Karan. Karan and Preeta argues with each other. Karan says he and Rishab will fight with goons to save everyone. Preeta says she and Sristy will save everyone just by talk. Sristy and Preeta goes from there. Karan and Rishab goes to other side.

Sristy says to Preeta that plan is perfect, but asks how they are gonna execute the plan. Both keeps thinking. Sristy says she will wait in bride’s room and Preeta have to bring the duplicate boss to that room later they both can convince him.

Goons notices Rishab is missing. Kirithika says that Rishab left from there by himself because all were busy dancing and blames Prithvi. Listening this Prithvi says he only let him go and asks to leave Sameer too. One goon asks how does he know Sameer name. All gets shocks.(Episode ends)