Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update: Preeta learns about Varun’s truth

Kundali Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rajveer and Palki colloids with each other. He holds her before she falls down. He compliments her. He says that Palki solves the problems like Preeta. She tells him that it’s too much. He tells her that he is telling the truth. She tells thanks to him. He expects compliment from her and tells her about it. She tells him that she is not able to express her feelings when she is with him. She is about to leave from there but Rajveer holds her and dances with her.

Varun calls Roma and tells her that she should not have left like this. Karan asks Varun that why the latter is talking to his mother like this. Varun asks Karan that how can the latter do this. He says that Karan is doing wrong by giving property to Anshuman. Karan tells Varun that his family is more important for him than money. Moreover, he don’t have any other choice. Varun says that he just know this is wrong.

Rajveer asks Varun to calm down. He says Varun is acting like Varun is losing his property. Varun says Luthras are his family so it’s obvious that he is worried. Karan says that he is glad Varun worries about them. Varun says that be careful of Anshuman because Anshuman is really cunning, but he will be with Karan always. He tells Rajveer that the latter is habituated to live in poverty, not Shaurya. He adds that Karan is taking this risk because of Rajveer. He goes to pick a call. Rajveer says that Varun is reacting like it’s Varun’s property.

Kavya tells Varun to eat food. Varun tells her that he has to make an important call. She stands beside him to wait. He gets irritated seeing this and scolds her. She cries. He tauntingly tells her to complain about him to her family. She leavers from there. Preeta sees Kavya crying.

Varun calls Alia and scolds her for keep calling him. Alia reminds him that she is his wife. He tells her that he is not her slave. Preeta snatches the phone from Varun and confirms Alia is burqua woman. Varun snatches the phone from Preeta and warns her to not interfere in his personal matters. He says that he was talking to his past and he won’t let anyone ruin his present. He also reveals that that girl is his ex wife and Kavya don’t know anything about it. Preeta gets shocked hearing this. Palki comes there. Varun calls Preeta as maid and tells her to leave from there.

Nidhi tells Shaurya that he has to come to sense. She says that she shares problems with Shaurya so he could solve the problems. And says that Rajveer will become hero by solving the problem if Shaurya won’t do anything then.

Anshuman tells Karan that he will arrange proof to prove he fired his manager. He asks Rajveer to call his manager. Karan thinks that his plan is working. He asks Kareena about Preeta. Kareena and Nidhi taunts Karan. Karan says that Preeta is his wife.

Episode ends.

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