Kundali Bhagya 7th February 2020 Written Update: Lawyer blackmails Sherlyn

Episode begins with Preeta thinks if Karan really gonna marry someone else then he doesn’t have any feelings for her and she would have misunderstand him reading his eyes. After talking with Mahira, Karan feels happy because he will fulfill his promise and Preeta will be proved as innocence. Sherlyn says after Preeta’s release Karan won’t marry Mahira and she just become a dumb by agreeing with Karan’s deal. Mahira says Sherlyn underestimating her and says Sherlyn doesn’t have brain to understand Mahira’s points. Both argues with each other. And Mahira says she is like Sherlyn who loves someone but marries someone else. Sherlyn shocks listening this. Mahira says Sherlyn used to thought everything was Sherlyn’s plans but in real Sherlyn did everything which Mahira wanted her to do. Mahira tells Sherlyn that Karan will think Mahira doing the things which he wanted her to do but in real she will do the things according to her plan. Sherlyn stands in confusion.

Rishab meets Karan and asks did he talked with Mahira about Preeta’s case? Karan tells Mahira will speak in favor of Preeta in court and hugs Rishab. Rishab asks instead of being happy why Karan seems tensed? Karan recalls his deal with Mahira and stays silent. Rishab thinks what could be the reason for Karan’s this weird behavior.

Sarla says she have confident that Preeta will be released today still she have a little fear. She tells how she saw believe in Preeta’s eyes for Karan and asks from when she started to believe him again? Beeji asks her to not think too much and just be happy because Karan is with Preeta in her difficult situation. Sarla fears what if Karan changed his mind at end moment because if anything like that happens then Preeta can’t handle herself this time. Sristy hears that and asks them leave for court first and she will join them in court.

Ramona asks what will happen in court today? Kareena says they will win the case and Preeta will lose nothing else. Kritika asks Rishab that Mahira really agreed to support Preeta in court? Sameer says she have asked this same question already many times and Rishab too answered her. Rishab asks them to not reveal it to anyone in family because they will just create drama after knowing this. Sherlyn thinks why Karan seems upset when Mahira already agreed with his deal then later realizes because of the deal only he seems upset because he can’t back out from his marriage now.

Sristy recalls Sarla’s talks and thinks Karan can’t broke his promise this time so decides to talk with him about this for Preeta. Because Preeta believes Karan so much if Karan changed his mind then Preeta will be shattered.

Karan meets Mahira and asks if she trust him then why she is still in her room. Mahira tells she is feeling insecured about Preeta that’s why. But after Preeta’s release he will become Mahira’s Karan for forever and she needs nothing else other than that. She asks him to hug her because she is feeling nervous. He says as a friend he can hug her but as a couple he is not comfortable because they are not married. Mahira apologize to him and says she can understand him. She says she will come to court after visiting doctor because she have swelling in her feet and asks him to reach court first. Sherlyn says she will come to court with Sanjana. Everyone leaves for court except Mahira and Sherlyn.

Sherlyn meets Preeta’s lawyer and he asks money from her because he is working for her. She taunts him and says she doesn’t have any money and can’t arrange suddenly. He says he is lawyer that too Preeta’s lawyer if he wants he can go against Sherlyn too. Sherlyn shocks hearing him.

Episode ends.