Kundali Bhagya 7th January 2020 Written Update: Karan and Rishab tries to save everyone from Goons

Episode begins with Prithvi says to leave Sameer. One of the goon asks how does he know Sameer name. Prithvi says he heard when someone called him as Sameer and shouts on goon.

Sristy says she is strong girl and she will handle the goon. She asks Preeta to bring the duplicate boss to bride’s room. Preeta says she won’t go alone. Sristy assures her and says only Preeta can bring the duplicate boss. She says she will wait for them in bride’s room with her plan. Preeta goes from there and Sristy goes towards bride’s room.

Preeta comes to main hall.Prithvi sees her. And Preeta signals him to come outside. Prithvi gets happy seeing that and goes towards her. Preeta goes from there and Prithvi follows her.

One of the goon asks Karan mother’s mangalsutra. But she denies to give it to him. She requests him to just leave this mangalsutra. That time original boss comes to main hall. He shouts on goons and snatches the mangalsutra from Karan’s mother. Karan and Rishab reaches there that time and gets angry seeing this. Karan’s mother cries and requests him to give her mangalsutra. Karan, Rishab and Sameer fights with goons. All guests too hits the goons. But one of the goon puts the gun on Karan’s mother head. All stops fighting seeing this.

In bride room Sristy waiting for Preeta and duplicate boss. She thinks to put the blanket on duplicate boss when he comes there. Preeta comes to bride’s room. Sristy tells her plan to Preeta. Then Prithvi comes inside the room and he gets shocks seeing Sristythere. He tries to go outside but Sristy stops him showing the knife and asks him to remove the mask.

On the other side, Kareena shouts on goons and says how can they hurt Karan’s mother. Karan says to take the gun from his mother’s head. Sherlyn thinks how to escape from here. All the goons comes to know about duplicate boss.The goons searches the duplicate boss. Boss gets call from one of the goon who is waiting outside the hall. That goon says till now he didn’t arranged the vehicle. Boss says here work is finished almost and tells him to arrange the vehicle soon.

Boss asks about duplicate boss. One of the goon says he didn’t saw his face. Boss slaps him. Karan says to Rishab that Preeta is No.1 duffer and says duplicate boss could be dangerous . He gets worry thinking about Preeta and Sristy’s safety.

Janki aunty shows the chilly powder to Krithika which she was hiding till now in her shawl. Janki aunty and Krithika throws the chilly powder on goons and asks others to close their eyes. Karan’s mother denies to go from there without her mangalsutra. So Rishab tries to take the mangalsutra from goon’s boss.

Other side, Prithvi goes to washroom and locks the door from inside. Preeta and Sristy asks him to open the door. Preeta says she won’t harm him, she just wants his help to save the guests. Prithvi remains silent. Preeta says he is just wasting their time and locks the door from outside too. They locks the room door too and goes from there.

Boss threatens Karan and Rishab. He goes to Janki aunty and asks why she saved them. She says she is working here. That time Preeta and Sristy comes to main hall. Boss says she should not help rich people because they doesn’t have heart, for them just money matters. Janki aunty shouts on boss and asks him to leave the hall.For that boss slaps Janki aunty. Karan and Rishab again fights with goons. Karan hits boss. Boss gets angry.

Episode ends.