Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2024 Written Update: Varun insults Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.co

Episode begins with Preeta tells Varun that he is not even drunk to blame the alcohol for his behavior. Varun asks her to not give lecture to him because he is not Shaurya. She tells him that he can’t become Shaurya. He tells her that he don’t want to become Shaurya. Palki scolds Varun. Varun tells them that they can tell the truth to Kavya because Kavya won’t believe them. He says that he is like this only. He adds that he is tolerating poor people because he won’t come again after getting married to Kavya.

Preeta tells Varun that she know Kavya trust him blindly and Kavya won’t doubt him. She says that truth will come out one day for sure and she will make sure that happens. She adds that she won’t let Kavya’s marriage happen with Varun no matter what. Varun leaves from there.

Anshuman tells Rajveer that Preeta and Palki are really smart so Rajveer should start a business with them. Anshuman’s manager Sandeep comes there. He asks Anshuman that why the latter is firing him. Anshuman tells Sandeep that he will explain everything.

Preeta tells Palki that Kavya don’t deserve Varun. She says that Varun was pretending like good person. Palki tells Preeta that she will support the latter to save Kavya from Varun. Preeta asks Palki to stay beside Kavya always.

Varun recalls Preeta’s words. He picks Roma’s call and tells her that she should not have left. Roma asks him to handle Alia. He tells her that Preeta is acting like Kavya’s mother. He informs her that he lied to Preeta that Alia is his ex. Roma tells him that he should not have done that. She reminds him that Preeta is important person in Kavya’s life.

Rajveer gets happy seeing the file. He tells himself that he and Shaurya are free Anshuman. He notices Kavya is crying and asks her that what happened. Shaurya comes there and asks Kavya that who made her cry. Varun overhears their conversation. He goes to them and asks Kavya that why she is crying. He says that Kavya shares everything with him and he takes Kavya from there. He asks her that why she was crying. Kavya tells him that she cried because of his behavior. He apologises to her. He says that he was tensed that’s why he yelled at her.

Preeta and Palki comes there. Varun talks politely with Preeta. He takes Kavya from there. Palki tells Preeta that Varun is playing double game. She says that Varun is manipulating Kavya. Preeta says that they will expose Varun, but today they should focus on Anshuman.

Karan asks Mahesh that whether the latter saw Preeta. He sees Preeta and moves towards her. Nidhi notices this and tells Aarohi to play the music. She goes to Karan and asks him to dance with her.

Episode ends.

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