Kundali Bhagya 7th March 2020 Written Update: Mahira plans with Sherlyn to trap Karan

Episode begins with Karan says his 20- 20 match coming so he wants to concentrate on that, also he will be happy if Mahesh was fine on his marriage day that’s why he doesn’t wants to marry Mahira now. Mahira is angry on Karan because of his decision. Sherlyn tries to calm her.

Mahira says Karan deliberately delaying the marriage because he still loves Preeta. Sherlyn says she have one plan by that Mahira and Karan’s marriage can happen tomorrow itself.  Sherlyn asks Mahira to give drug to Karan and using that situation they can get successful in their plan.

Sameer hears their plan and decides to tell that to Preeta. Sameer calls Sristy and tells about Karan’s decision and Sherlyn’s plan. Sristy informs that to Preeta. Preeta says Karan always helped her so she too wants to help him and Sristy, Preeta leaves for luthra mansion. Karan says he doesn’t feel like to play holi and Rishab too misses Mahesh and gets emotional.

Karan thinks Rishab never shares his pain to others. Sherlyn gives bhaang to Mahira and asks her to mix in Karan’s drink and have to take him to her room remaining work she will handle. Sherlyn thinks Mahira getting married to Karan is important for her so for that she can go to any extent.

Sherlyn gets call from Prithvi, he tells her that he is coming to meet her to celebrate holi with her. Preeta and Sristy reaches luthra mansion. Kareena is not happy with their arrival. Preeta says she came to wish Rakhi and Dadi gives permission to her.

Ramona praises Sherlyn and Mahira’s bond to Sanjana and says she feels Sherlyn have affair with someone. Sanjana thinks how Ramona got to know that and says Ramona would have misunderstood. Ramona says she saw him on Mahira’smehandi day too and goes from there.

Prithvi meets Sanjana and takes blessings from her. Sanjana scolds him and asks him to leave from there and says Ramona already doubts about Sherlyn because of him.

Preeta and Sristy searches Mahira. Karan thinks if Mahesh was present then the fun would be on another level for holi and gets disappointed because Preeta too didn’t called him and dreams of dancing with her. First Prithvi hides from Sristy and Sameer later he realizes he doesn’t needs to hide because his face filled with colours and gets happy Preeta too will be here if Sristy is here then.

Karan sees Preeta and thinks she is his imagination and seeing them together Prithvi gets angry. Karan says when he invited her she denied to come and asks for whom she came now. Preeta says she came for Rakhi because Rakhi is like her mother. Karan leaves from there angrily hearing this and Preeta follows him.

Prithvi thinks God wanted him to celebrate the holi with Preeta that’s why sent Preeta to luthra mansion. Rakhi misses Mahesh and cries because it’s her first holi without him. Rishab cheers her. Dadi consoles Rakhi and says for Mahesh they have to be happy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preeta says Mahira’s marriage won’t happen with Karan and she knows that Mahira can stoop so low to get him.