Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2020 Written Update: Mahira tries to spend time with Karan

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Episode begins with Preeta tells Karan that Mahira mental condition is not stable now, she can do anything to get him, so she staying here is not good for him, their family and also for her marriage life. She says if she tried to interfere in her married life then she won’t tolerate it because her family matters for her and so her married life.

He says he understand what she trying to say but he believes that she won’t come between them. She says she will interfere like the way she entered this house, Mahira doesn’t have any relationship with him still her Graha pravesh happened if it’s the beginning then what all can happen in future.

He says nothing will happen, he brought her here as a friend and he doesn’t want to hurt Preeta too with his behavior, he already did many mistakes in the past, he never did anything for others but now he will fulfill the duties of husband, and it’s an fact that he is her husband and he wipes her tears and tells her to cheer up. She smiles looking at him.

Mahira overhears their conversation and runs from there cryingly. She enters her room and says she did so much to enter this house and she won’t let her effort go waste and she is here to get Karan if he starts to live with Preeta then it will become difficult for her to separate them and she is not here to face difficulties. Sherlyn comes there and says she send Girish to bring her medicines because it was not available here and tells her to take it.

Mahira says she wants to stay alone. Sherlyn says she can understand that right now she is facing difficult situation but at least for her she can take this medicine. Mahira says she won’t take medicine for Sherlyn and if Karan came to give it to her then she will take it.

Sherlyn leaves from there saying she will send Karan. Karan comes to sense hearing glass breaking sound and thinks why he promised to Preeta that he only belongs to her. She asks whatever he said few minutes back, did he really mean it or said it just like that. She says he said he cares for him. He was about to say something but Sherlyn comes there and says Mahira denied to take her medicine without him. He leaves from there with Sherlyn.

Preeta says Mahira coming between her and Karan but she won’t let her successful in this.Mahira waits for Karan. He asks why she is behaving like this. She says she is just afraid of everything. He says she need not to because they are with her. She hugs him when Sherlyn tried to hold her hand she pushed it. He separates Mahira from him and tells her to take the medicine. She says Ramona disowned her because she denied to go against him and she can never say anything against him because he is her life and he is everything for her.

Preeta overhears their conversation standing outside. Sherlyn gets Prithvi’s call and she comes outside and notices Preeta. She thinks Preeta can’t do anything now even though she wants to stop Karan and leaves from there. Mahira doesn’t let Karan go from her room and tells him to stay with her saying she is afraid to stay alone.

Preeta enters the room and tells him that his coach calling him so he should attend his call. He leaves from there. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that she doesn’t know Mahira at all and tells her about Mahira’s act. He thinks Preeta will regret for rejecting him. Preeta says Mahira is guest in this house so she should stay as a guest only, should not try to cross her limits and next time if she wants to cut her wrist then she should ask her because as a doctor she knows by cutting which nerve she can die immediately.

Episode ends.

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