Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update: Rishabh helps the bomb squad officer to defuse the bomb 

Kundali Bhagya 7th November 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Raja reveals that he attached bomb on Kavya’s body. Everyone gets shocked seeing Kavya. Raja threatens to press the remote if they came forward then. Rishabh pleads him to not press the remote. Luthras pleads Raja to leave Kavya. Raja says that this is what he wanted to see. Preeta pleads him to give Kavya to her. Rishabh asks Raja to deal with Arjun if the latter has any problem with Arjun then. Mahesh scolds Raja for using Kavya. Raja tells them that their emotional blackmail won’t work. He says that he wants revenge. Preeta tells him that Kavya did nothing wrong with him. She tells him that Kavya is her life.

Arjun asks Raja that what the latter wants. Raja asks him to apologize for insulting him. Arjun says sorry to him. Raja asks him to kneel down and apologize properly. Rishabh tells Raja that he will apologizes to him. Arjun kneel down and apologizes to Raja. He pleads him to leave Kavya. Raja says that now enough of games. He demands 50 lakhs rupees from Arjun. Rishabh tells Raja that he will give money to him. Raja asks him to not interfere. Arjun says that he will give money. He tells Anjali to bring money from his house. Rishabh asks Sameer to go with Anjali and help her to arrange money. 

Raja dances saying that he will have money and bungalow. He drops the bomb remote by mistake. Police catches him. Inspector Waghmare tells Luthras to move. He says that he is calling bomb squad. Arjun asks Kavya to not get scared. On the other hand, Anjali asks Sameer to drive slowly. Sameer asks her that how can he drive slowly when he has to reach on time to save Kavya. 

Prithvi and Sherlyn watches the news and learns about Raja’s actions. Prithvi worries about Preeta. Sherlyn worries about Rishabh. He asks her that why she is worried about Rishabh. He asks her that if she is thinking to betray him. She tells him that she like him only. He tells her that he don’t believe her. She gets angry at him. He convinces her. She says that she want to see Luthras crying. 

Inspector Waghmare tells Luthras that bomb squad coming. Luthras asks Kavya to not get scared. Rakhi tells a story to Kavya. She asks her to pray to God. Meanwhile, Anjali and Sameer reaches the house. Anjali takes money from the cupboard and leaves the room. Sameer finds Luthras photos there and he takes those photos and leaves from there. 

Bomb squad reaches the school. Preeta asks Kavya to be strong. Sherlyn and Prithvi comes there. Preeta holds Kavya’s hand. Bomb squad officer Sathish takes Rishabh help to defuse the bomb. One of the Terroist shoots Sathish. Sathish hand gets injured and he says that they have to cut the wire. Arjun says that he will help Sathish. Preeta says that everything happening due to Arjun so she don’t trust Arjun. Arjun tells her that Kavya’s life is important. She tells him that that’s why she don’t want him near Kavya. He asks Luthras that why they are not saying anything. He says that he really love Kavya. Dadi asks them to stop fighting and do something to save Kavya. 

Episode ends. 

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