Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2024 Written Update: Rajveer warns Varun

Kundali Bhagya 8th April 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rajveer tells sorry to Kavya for upsetting her. Kavya tells him that he is not responsible for anything. He asks her to not worry because he will protect her. He hugs her. Karan gets emotional seeing this. Mahesh notices this. Preeta gets confused seeing all this. Varun asks Gautam that whether Kavya got to know about Alia. Gautam says that looks like that only.

Preeta asks Rajveer that whether he made Kavya cry. Kavya says that Shaurya hurts her with his words but Rajveer never does like that. Shaurya angrily says that everything is his mistake. Preeta tells him that he will miss Kavya after Kavya leaves the house. She orders Shaurya to tell sorry to Kavya.

Varun tells Roma that Alia understood everything and left. Roma tells him that that’s impossible. Meanwhile, Alia recalls that how she saw Varun taking the knife. She says that she can’t believe Varun did this with her. She picks Simmy’s call and informs her that Varun betrayed her. She tells everything to Simmy. Simmy tells Alia to expose Varun because the latter is his wife. She asks Alia to go inside without Varun’s knowledge. Alia tells thanks to Simmy for motivating her and disconnects the call. She says that she won’t let Varun do wrong with her.

Mahesh asks Karan that what happened. Karan says that he is not able to handle himself. He cries hugging Mahesh. Mahesh asks Karan to remember Preeta will suffer if truth came out then. He reminds Karan about Preeta’s medical condition. He says that he is worried about Preeta.

Roma tells Varun to bring necklace from car. Rajveer goes with Varun. Sandy tells Shaurya that the latter should be in Rajveer’s place. He says that seems like Shaurya is interested in Palki only. Shaurya tells Sandy that he don’t like Palki but he likes the way Rajveer reacts seeing him with Palki.

Kavya tells Palki to take care of Rajveer always. Shanaya says that it’s hard to handle Shaurya. Kavya tells Shanaya that the latter do it. Aarohi tells Nidhi that Preeta will get permanent place in Luthra house if the latter don’t do anything then. Kareena agrees with Aarohi. She says that Rakhi used to love Preeta so much so Rakhi can change party anytime.

Rajveer warns Varun to not make Kavya cry. He says that Varun has to keep Kavya happy always. Varun thinks that Rajveer won’t spare him after learning about Alia. Alia enters the house wearing burqua. Varun asks her that whether he should help her. She runs from there. He realises that that’s Alia. He drags her to a room and scolds her. He attacks her. Kavya comes there.

Anshuman calls Rajveer and asks whether the latter will steal the file or not. Rajveer refuses to steal the file and disconnects the call. Anshuman calls goon and tells him to steal the file at any cost.

Episode ends.

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