Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2020 Written Update: Sristy comes to know about their lawyer’s truth

Episode begins with Preeta’s lawyer says he can win Preeta’s case for his reputation and he can even lose to earn money. Sherlyn agrees to give money to him. Lawyer warns her that he have proof against Sherlyn which can prove how she trapped Preeta in this case so asks her to not mess with him unnecessarily. Sherlyn shocks hearing him and assures him that she will give him the money for sure. Sristy comes there meet Karan but sees their lawyer with Sherlyn and gets to know that he cheated them and working for Sherlyn. So instead of talking with Karan she directly goes to court to inform this to Sarla.

Kareena says today they will get rid of Preeta for forever. Ramona introduces her lawyer to Kareena. Sarla waits for Sristy in outside court. Karan comes there and asks Sarla to not worry because he managed everything. Dadi sees Karan with Sarla and asks Kareena to bring him to them because he should stand with them not with arora’s. Before Kareena reaches Karan police brings Preeta there. Sarla meets Preeta and assures her that they will win the case for sure. Rakhi says to Preeta that nothing bad will happen with her and she will be released today.

Sristy reaches court and tells their lawyer’s truth to Sarla. Arora’s slaps their lawyer and scolds him for betraying them. Preeta’s lawyer gets angry and says after his insult he won’t fight for them and goes from there. Karan comes there and asks the reason for Sarla’s worry. Sristy tells that their lawyer did cheating and now they don’t have any lawyer. Karan arranges one lawyer and assures Sarla that they will win the case definitely because Mahira will support Preeta in court. Sarla thanks him.

Sristy sees the truck driver there who did Mahira’s accident and informs that to Preeta. Preeta thinks what is he doing there and who called him there. Police inspector scolds Sristy for talking with Preeta. Janki is so angry on Sherlyn and complaints to Sarla about Sherlyn. Sarla asks her to stay silent. But Janki goes to Sherlyn and says someone was calling her outside. Sherlyn goes outside and Janki follows her. Sristy notices that and follows them.

Sherlyn gets call from lawyer but she doesn’t attends the call thinking it will be problem for her if she caught with that lawyer. Janki comes there and after scolding Sherlyn, she slaps her. Sherlyn tries to slap Janki but Sristy holds Sherlyn’s hand and asks her stay in her limits. Sristy says Sherlyn can act ideal daughter in law of luthra’s in front of others but not with her because she knows her truth. Sristy warns her to stay away from her family and asks her to not do anything against Preeta too. Sristy says she will tell Sherlyn’s truth to everyone once Preeta released. Sristy says Sherlyn knows once Preeta reached luthra house as their daughter in law then no one can save Sherlyn that’s why Sherlyn does everything against Preeta to stop her. Sherlyn shocks hearing Sristy.

Episode ends.