Kundali Bhagya 8th January 2020 Written Update: Preeta rescues everyone!

Episode begins with boss asks Karan why he is getting angry if he slaps Janki. Karan says she is his friends mother that’s why. Boss and one of the goon takes Karan’s mother with them and locks her in bride’s room. Sameer deliberately fights with Rishab to divert the goons, using that situation Karan goes from there to save his mother. Preeta and Sristy tries to go to bride’s room to save Karan’s mother. Preeta says to Sristy that there is one underground way to reach bride’s room. Both goes in that way and reaches bride’s room.

Boss and one of goon standing outside bride’s room. Karan comes there and sees them. He tries to hide from them but goons caught him and they brought him inside the room but gets shocks seeing Karan’s mother trying to escape with the help of Preeta and Sristy. All gets caught by goons. All comes to main hall. Preeta blames Karan and says because of him only everyone caught. Sristy and Karan’s mother too agrees with Preeta.

Boss taunts Karan’s mother. Sristy asks boss about duplicate boss and says he is in groom’s room. One of the goon goes to bring duplicate boss. Boss says he will take Karan and Karan’s mother with him until the goons reaches safe place. Preeta says he can’t take them anywhere. Boss asks what relation she have with them.

On the other hand one of the goon reaches groom’s room and brokes the washroom door. He sees Prithvi there but Prithvi tries to go from there but goon caught him. Prithvi says he lied to them to save himself and requests to leave him. Goon takes him to main hall.

Kareena says to boss that he should not interfere in their personal life. Boss says he understood everything now. He says he saw love in Karan and Preeta’s eyes. He says he can feel Karan and Preeta love each other.

Prithvi and goon hears the sound and Prithvi says goon should go to help other goons and Prithvi runs from there.

Sarla comes to hall and hears everything. Preeta signals Sristy and shows water and electric wire. They brokes all water canes and Preeta put the electric wire on the water. Like this all goons gets electric shocks. By that time police comes there and arrests everyone.

Episode ends.

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