Kundali Bhagya 9th January 2020 Written Update: Karan and Preeta recalls their moments

Episode begins with police arrests all the goons. Goon’s boss gets confused seeing police there and asks who called them? Preeta says she called the police. Karan says he called the police. Both argues with each other saying they first called the police. Prithvi sees that and removes his jacket so that no one identifies him as duplicate boss. Police sees Prithvi and thinks he is also one of the goon and tries to arrest him but Sarla stops him and says Prithvi is family member not a goon. Karan’s mother says thanks to Preeta for saving everyone and hugs her. Police praises the way they caught goons. Rishab says everything done by Preeta. Then police praises Preeta and goes from there. Prithvi says to Sarla that he came to know something is wrong in Kumkum Bhagya hall, that’s why he came to help them.

Rishab praises Preeta and says thanks to her but Karan says he called the police. Sarla says no need to say thanks to Preeta because she did everything for their hall not for luthra family. Arora’s and Prithvi goes from there. Karan sees his hand before leaving from there. Preeta’s dadi praises Sristy and Preeta and says she is proud of them. Sarla says she only denied them to do service for luthra’s but Preeta did correct by going against Sarla. She says her daughters saved their hall’s name and she is so proud of them.

Janki aunty comes there with milk but Preeta and Sristy denies to drink it. Janki aunty says they may have any wounds. They replies they doesn’t have any wounds instead they gave wounds to goons. Sarla sees the mehandi in Preeta’s hand and thinks Preeta is hurt so much but smiles outside for her family. Sarla hugs Preeta. Sristy teasingly says Sarla always hugs only her favorite daughter then Sarla hugs both.

Karan’s mother talks to her husband who is in coma and tells him that today she is happy because her sons saved her mangalsutra. She says about everything which happened in mehandi function. She tells him that she saw love in Preeta’s eyes for luthra’s especially for Karan. She tells they hurted her so much but Preeta just have love for them. She tells him that she didn’t do anything for Preeta, she didn’t even fight for Preeta’s rights that’s why now Preeta staying in her mother’s house instead of staying with luthra’s. She asks him to wake up soon and asks him to say everyone that Preeta is their daughter in law and Karan’s wife which she failed to do. Mahira gets shocks listening all this and goes from there.

Mahira goes to her mother and says everything she heard and asks her to go and talk with Karan’s mother and explain that Karan’s happiness is Mahira. Mahira’s mother says she will talk with her and tells she got call from Mahira’s father. Mahira asks did she talked with him. Mahira’s mother says she didn’t attend the call. Sherlyn hears all this and thinks to talk to Kareena about this.

Preeta sees her hand and recalls how mehandi splashed on her hand. On the other side Karan too sees his hand and recalls the same. Both smiles seeing their hands. Sameer comes to Karan’s room and teases him seeing his smile. Sristy too comes to Preeta’s room and teases her seeing her smile. Sristy says she gets happy seeing Preeta’s smily face and goes from there. (Episode ends).