Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2024 Written Update: Goons chases Alia

Kundali Bhagya 9th April 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Varun hits Alia. Alia loses her consciousness and falls down. Kavya comes there and notices that Varun’s finger is bleeding. She asks him that what happened to him. Varun realises that Kavya did not see Alia. He tells Kavya that it’s just a small wound and takes her from there. He goes to Roma and tells her everything. He sits beside Kavya. Roma tells Nidhi to do Varun and Kavya’s aarti. Nidhi takes the aarti plate and feels dizzy.

Roma tells Preeta to do aarti because the latter is also like mother for Kavya. Varun agrees with Roma. Shaurya takes Nidhi aside and helps her to sit. Preeta does Varun and Kavya’s aarti. Kavya gets emotional ( Maa meri song plays in the background ). Preeta performs all the rituals. Roma gives necklace as gift to Kavya. She says that she is excited to welcome Kavya as her daughter in law. Kavya and Varun takes elders blessings.

Shaurya warns Varun to keep Kavya happy. Varun jokingly says that Rajveer and Shaurya warns him always. Kavya asks Varun that why he looks stressed. Varun tells her that he is fine.

Preeta goes inside and recalls Roma’s words. She sees Alia and asks Alia to wake up. Alia regains her consciousness. Preeta asks Alia that who is responsible for the latter’s condition. Alia takes Varun’s name. Preeta goes to bring water for Alia. Goon boss tells his team to mix sleeping pills in the juice. They talks about stealing money and jewels.

Rakhi drinks juice and feels that it tastes different. She asks Waiter about juice taste. She feels dizzy. She goes to Palki and asks what happened to the latter. Palki says she is feeling dizzy. Rakhi notices juice glass on Palki’s hand. Shanaya overhears goons talks and she runs to the hall. Goons catches Shanaya.

Rakhi faints. Palki and Shanaya also faints. Shaurya takes Shanaya inside. Luthras beat goons up and goes inside. Karan sees Preeta and tells her everything. Preeta tells him about Alia. Gautam gets shocked hearing this. Preeta sees Gautam and says that she is going inside to drink water. Karan says that he will take Preeta. Rajveer tells Preeta to go with Karan. Karan takes Preeta inside.

Karan tells Preeta that she is safe in that room so she should be there. Preeta tells him that one girl is unconscious. He tells her that many people are unconscious. She tells him that she will go with him. He tricks her and locks her in the room. She screams. He tells her to not scream and leaves from there.

Alia notices goons and learns about their plan. Goons sees Alia and chases her. Varun sees this and he tells about it to Roma. Kavya sees Preeta and opens the door. Preeta tells Kavya that Karan locked her. She notices that Kavya is injured. Varun treats Kavya’s injury. Roma tells Preeta that Varun loves Kavya so much.

Episode ends.

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