Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2021 Written Update: Sherlyn plans to visit Prithvi in jail

Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Karan asks Preeta that what she wanted to talk to Sherlyn without him. She hesitates to reply so he tells her that if she don’t want to share then she need not to say anything. She tells him that he became so mature. He tells her that he born like that and she places a kiss on his cheek. He gets surprised with her kiss and asks her to gift something big for Diwali. They expresses that they missed each other and leaves from there.

Next day, Kareena asks Preeta about breakfast preparations. Girish informs her that breakfast is ready. Preeta looks after the Diwali decorations. Rakhi asks Karan to buy puja ingredients. Rishabh hugs Pihu and tells her that Preeta said that the latter missed him so much. She nods at him. Preeta decides to make rangoli. She sees Sherlyn entering the house and recalls that what she said to her. Sherlyn wishes Preeta and others. She informs them that Sanjana is fine now. She apologizes to Rishabh for not visiting him in jail and she is happy with his release. He asks her about Sanjana and the latter informs him that Sanjana is fine.

After some time, Sherlyn calls Lawyer and talks to him about Prithvi’s bail. Rishabh sees her talking with Lawyer and asks her that was she talking about Prithvi’s case. She tells him that she don’t want Prithvi to get out of jail that’s why she was consulting the Lawyer. He thinks that he don’t trust her and tells her that he won’t tolerate lies again and leaves the room. She thinks that Prithvi needs her help and she will meet him today no matter what.

Srishti visits Luthra house and gives chocolate to Pihu. Preeta makes rangoli and Srishti helps her. Sonakshi comes there and steps on the rangoli and tells Pihu that she missed her so much. Pihu tells her that she didn’t miss her and informs her that the latter destroyed the rangoli. She asks Preeta to not get sad because she will help her. Sonakshi apologizes to Preeta saying that she didn’t saw it. She thinks that soon she will take the latter’s place in this house.

Preeta enters her room and asks Karan that why he called her. He tells her that she is not spending time with him at all. He gives new dress to her and asks her to wear for Diwali. He asks her about return gift. She tells him that she didn’t buy anything. He places a kiss on her cheek saying that this is his return gift. Sonakshi sees everything and thinks to do something. Pihu takes Karan from there to help her in painting.

Srishti wishes Rishabh. Rishabh tells Rakhi that he is going out to buy gifts. Kareena asks him to send Sameer. Srishti and Sameer taunts each other. Rishabh asks them to stop it and sends them for shopping. Meanwhile, Sonakshi exchanges Preeta’s gift without anyone’s knowledge.

Episode ends.

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