Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update: Preeta gives court order to Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 9th November 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Arjun and Anjali reaches Luthra house. Arjun tells Mahesh that he want to meet Kavya. Mahesh tells him that Kavya is sleeping. Rakhi tells Arjun to go and see Kavya. Arjun thanks her. She tells Srishti to take Arjun to Kavya’s room. Srishti takes Arjun from there. Anjali follows them. 

On the other hand, Janki gives medicine to Beeji. She asks her to not worry about Kavya because Kavya is fine now. Beeji picks Preeta’s call and tells her that she is glad Kavya is fine now. She learns that Rishabh is beside Preeta. She asks her to put the phone on speaker. She tells Rishabh that she saw everything on TV. She says that Arjun saved Kavya. Preeta tells her that everything happened due to Arjun. She says that she don’t want to talk about Arjun now. Beeji asks her that if the latter did anything against Arjun. Rishabh asks her to come to Luthra house and disconnects the call. 

Arjun gets emotional seeing Kavya. He holds her hand. He thinks that her hands are like him. He recalls the moments he shared with her. Srishti wonders that why Arjun crying like Preeta. Anjali thinks that she can understand what Arjun feeling right now. Arjun places a kiss on Kavya’s forehead and leaves the room. Anjali follows him. Arjun thanks God for keeping Kavya safe. Anjali consoles him. Srishti wonders that why Arjun has this much attachment with Kavya. Sameer comes there and he asks Srishti that why Arjun is crying. She says that she don’t know. She tells him that she heard Arjun is rude but she never saw his emotional side. She says that she never expected Arjun to cry like this for Kavya. He tells her that Arjun is really unpredictable. 

Anjali tries to cheer Arjun up. She asks him to keep smiling. Arjun asks her that what he would have done if she was not with him. She tells him that she will be with him always. Sameer shows the photos to Arjun which he found in Arjun’s house. He asks him that why the latter has these photos. Arjun says that he should file a case against Sameer for stealing his photos and leaves from there. 

Preeta and Rishabh comes there. Srishti asks Sameer to not tell about the photos to Preeta. Rishabh asks Sameer that if Kavya is fine. Sameer tells him that Arjun came to meet Kavya. Anjali tells Arjun that doctor is on the way. She treats his wound. He tells her that Kavya is carbon copy of him. He says that he want to spend time with Kavya. Meanwhile, Prithvi says that Sherlyn made tasty food. Sherlyn fights with him. 

Preeta and Rishabh enters Arjun’s house. Preeta reveals that she gave complaint against Arjun. She gives court order to Arjun. She tells him that he can’t roam around Kavya. She says that Arjun did not listen her warning that’s why she took this decision. 

Episode ends. 

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