Kundali Bhagya: Did Police saw Preeta in CCTV footage?

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Zee TV popular show Kundali Bhagya is all set for a major turning point in their show.

Earlier its seen that, Mahesh recognised Pawan and recalled the past. Pawan learnt that he is talking to Mahesh. Mahesh learnt that Prithvi is Pawan’s brother. He decided to expose Sherlyn, Prithvi and Mahira so he moved inside the house. Pawan followed Mahesh to kill him. Sherlyn told Mahira that she has to kill everyone before Prithvi reveals the secret to Karan. Mahira told Sherlyn about Pawan. Sherlyn learnt that Pawan met Mahesh. She told Mahira that Pawan will kill Mahesh today so she need not worry about Mahesh. Preeta asked Prithvi about his revenge. Sherlyn asked them to gather in the living room because Mahesh want to talk about something important.

Srishti told Sherlyn that maybe Mahesh wants to say who pushed him from stairs.Rakhi noticed Mahesh’s expression and told him that he need to take rest. Mahesh revealed to his family that someone attempted to kill him. Sherlyn regretted for gathering everyone in the living room. Prithvi regained his consciousness and watched the recording from his mobile. He learnt that Mahesh came out of a coma and he saw Pawan too in Luthra house. Mahesh got shock seeing Prithvi.

In the upcoming episode, Mahesh will ask Karan that who want to destroy their family. Prithvi will tell Sherlyn that he noticed CCTV cameras in the hotel. Preeta will tell Kritika that Police would have checked CCTV footage and they would have seen her in that footage.

What happened to Mahesh now? Why Mahesh reacting like this? Will Pawan attempt to kill Mahesh?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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