Kundali Bhagya: Luthra’s denied to withdraw the complaint

Zee tv popular show KundaliBhagya is all set for a major turning point in their show. Earlier its seen that Preeta asks Sristy to call Karan and asks her to tell him that Preeta is innocent. Mahira asks Karan who is calling him? He says Sristy calling him. Mahira says Preeta needs his help that’s why Sristy calling him. Karan doesn’t attends Sristy’s call.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Karan decides to stay with Mahira to take care of her. Preeta asks Sristy to call Karan and inform him about Sarla’s arrival so he can handle the situation in luthra house. Sristy thinks Preeta saved luthra’s life so Karan will help them definitely.

Karan meets Mahira and she tells him that everyone may blame him for her condition but she will never do that because she loves him alot and these struggles are not nothing in front of her love. But Karan blames himself for her condition and asks her to forgive him and he promises her that he will handle everything. He gets call from Sristy and he hesitates to attend her call seeing that Mahira asks him to attend the call and says maybe Preeta needs his help that’s why Sristy calling him but he cuts the call.

Mahira gets happy seeing that. Sristy meets Preeta and lies to her that she talked with Karan about Preeta’s case. Preeta gets relieved thinking luthra’s will definitely withdraw the complaint without doing any drama because Karan will handle everything. Sristy cries seeing Preeta’s belief on Karan.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Sarla informs Preeta’sdadi that she is going luthra house to ask their help. Preeta’sdadi says they would never help Preeta and asks her to find any other way to release Preeta. Sarla comes to luthra house and directly goes to Dadi and says Preeta came to luthra house just for Dadi. She says she even denied her but still Preeta came here to treat her but now without doing any crime Preeta in police station.

Sherlyn says police arrested Preeta because they had proof against Preeta. She also says she saw how Preeta pushed Mahira in front of the truck. Sarla asks her to stay silent. Kareena says Sarla can’t talk with Sherlyn like this. Rakhi tries to stop Kareena but Kareena blames Rakhi and says Rakhi always supports arora’s instead of luthra’s.

Kareena says Preeta tried to kill luthra’s future daughter in law. Sarla angrily says to Ramona that she will definitely release Preeta even though no one helps her. Kareena calls Karan and says Sarla threatened them to withdraw the complaint so she told Sarla to leave the house. Karan says she did right.

What will be Sarla’s next step? Will Karan ever come to know the truth?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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