Kundali Bhagya: Preeta to confront Sherlyn?

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Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya has been around for a long time now and it was an audience favourite at all times. Now, Preeta confronted Sherlyn and Prithvi failed to steal Megha’s mobile so it will be interesting to watch that what’s going to happen with Sherlyn and Prithvi.

Earlier its seen that, Rakhi took Preeta inside saying that her neck paining a lot, just to escape from Pammi’s questions. Pammi understood that Rakhi lied.

Sameer asked Srishti that why she thinks that they will get evidence in Sherlyn’s room. She told him that Sherlyn’s room is safe place for her so she must have hided her secrets there only to feel secure.

Ruchika gave milk to Megha so the latter asked Ruchika to not show the fake concern. Ruchika told Megha that the latter did mistake by asking less money from Sherlyn. Megha argued with her saying that she asked less money for a reason.

Sherlyn informed Prithvi about Megha’s blackmail. He promised to help her and left to steal Megha’s mobile. Srishti informed Mahira that Sherlyn backstabbing her.

Mahira told Sherlyn that Srishti trying to separate them. Rakhi talked to Preeta about Srishti and Sameer. Sherlyn realised that Preeta and her allies still suspecting her.

In the upcoming episode, Prithvi will inform Sherlyn that he found Megha’s mobile. Megha will put the knife at Prithvi’s neck and will ask him to keep the mobile on the bed.

Preeta will ask Sherlyn that why the latter was in contact with Akshay and is she responsible for Akshay’s death. Ruchika will hit Prithvi’s head with rod, and he will faint.

Preeta will tell Sherlyn that she won’t let her go until she answers all of the questions. Sherlyn will try to free herself from Preeta’s grip and in that process, she will fell down on the floor.

What happened to Sherlyn’s child? What will happen to Prithvi?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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