Kundali Bhagya: Preeta’s shocking Victory over Anshumaan, Shaurya gets Impressed

Kundali Bhagya: Nidhi accuses Preeta for snatching the Property from Karan

Zee TV’S popular hit show Kundali Bhagya is gearing up for high voltage Drama. The show is witnessing many twists and turns.

Anshuman gives the papers to Karan and asks him to sign on them to which he is left with no option and signs on them. Everyone gets shocked.

Anshuman tells Karan that he knows how to control Everyone. Karan doesn’t know how to react to the sudden happenings whole he celebrate his Victory.

Preeta goes into a room to which Nidhi comes behind her and lashes out at her. She blames her for ruining her Family while Preeta assured her.

Kavya gets Suspicious  

Varun tells to Romila that they will get nothing because Anshumaan has managed to take away from Property while Kavya comes there. Varun lashes out at her.

Varun tells Kavya to not come behind him all the Time to which she wondered why he is behaving like he lost his Property and decides to talk with Preeta.

Anshumaan talks cheap about Peeta to which Rakhi slaps him. Rajveer snatches the Papers while Shaurya tears the Papers.

Anshumaan announces the Property as his but Preeta shows the Papers claiming the Property. Shaurya praises her while Nidhi accuses her of snatch their Property.

What will Happen Next?

What is Preeta do?

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